Saturday, 15 September 2012

New books and other stuff

Hey everyone, here's what new books I got this week:
For review
 Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
Blink Once by Cylin Busby

I actually had Poison Princess pre-ordered as I absolutely LOVE Kresley Cole. This is her first YA book so I'm beyond excited to see if I'll like it as much as her other books.

 Taken by Kelli Maine
Redlisted by Sarah Beaman
Word and Breath by Susannah Noel
I haven't been accepting review books recently as I have waaaaaay to many books to read of my own. I'm also a bit fussy, I feel that if I'm going to take time out to read a review book the blurb has to be pretty interesting and worth the time investment. I really liked the sound of these 3 books.
From Net Galley
Slammed by Colleen Hoover
I've thought about buying this before but never really got round to it so when I saw it on Net Galley I thought I would give it a go. Has anyone read it? Is it worth reshuffling my TBR pile for?
I bought
On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
I've read some really amazing views about this and as it's set in Edinburgh I need to read it.
Audio book
Hidden by Sophie Jordon
I enjoyed the previous two books and I'm a bit of a sucker for dragon books right now however,
I need to finish my current audio book Fury of Fire by Coreene Callahan (which is also about dragons- go figure!)

I read
 For the second week in a row I've hardly had the time to read anything. What I did read was AMAZING!!!!
Last week's comments about Full Blooded had me reshuffling my TBR pile immediately. It was so worth it. I loved it to bits and need to write my review once I calm down a bit.

I want to see what books you guys got so leave me a link:)


  1. Ohh you've got Poison Princess!! Can't wait to read that one

  2. I'm squeeing right there with you, Lesley! :))) Poison Princess and Slammed... I hope you enjoy your awesome haul!

  3. Full Blooded was awesome! :-)
    Poison Princess looks great - can't wait to see what you think! :-)

  4. Yaaay for Slammed by Colleen Hoover! Amazing choice! I just read the book and also the secong one in the series a few days ago and it was unbelievably amazing! One of the best contemporary books I've ever read! Since then I keep recommending it to everyone :D Definitely worth reshuffling your tbr pile!

    1. I'll take your advice Veronika and reshuffle!

  5. You got some great books! Can't wait to see what you think of Poison Princess. I love Kresley Cole's adult books. :)

    1. Me too Autumn, I have a whole shelf with just her books on it.

  6. I got Blink Once sounds good. need to check out Poison Princess by Kresley Cole. Fab haul!!

  7. I tore through Slammed yesterday and I loved it! Definitely worth reading!


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