Monday, 3 September 2012

Review: Shadow’s Sight by E.J. Stevens

goodreadsShadow Sight
Ivy Granger #1
E.J. Stevens
Publication date: 24th July 2012

Shadow Sight by E.J. Stevens gets a gigantic thumbs up from me, not only is it  exactly the kind of urban fantasy I adore with a fast paced story, mystery, action and fantastic world building but it also gave me that blissful moment early on when I just get a vibe that a book is going to be that extra bit special.

Ivy Granger has the gift of Psychometry she only has to touch an item to immediately see visions or events in the object's history, her gift however is more of a curse as the visions tend to be traumatic and result in her writhing on the floor screaming in agony. With the help of her best friend Jinx Ivy has learned to live carefully with her power and puts it to good use as a psychic detective in their small detective agency Private Eye.

When Ivy's newest client a demon lawyer called Forneus the Great Marquis of Hell, who is working on behalf of the kelpies requests her special services Ivy finds herself working to defend Harborsmouth and its inhabitants both human and supernatural from the each uisge the terrifying and bloodthirsty sea creatures who hunt humans. Normally kept in check by the equally terrifying kelpies and other sea creatures the kelpies agree to defend Harborsmouth from the each uisage if Ivy helps them find the missing King of the kelpies Ceffyl Kur's bridle. Forneus believes if Ivy touches the only remnant of the kelpie king's bridle her visions will tell who has taken the King and if he is still alive.

Ivy turns to her magical friend Kaye from "Madam Kaye's Magic Emporium" to get the lowdown on the whole kelpie King situation. Not only is the kelpie King's bridle all powerful but if stolen it gives complete control of the kelpie King's actions to whomever has stolen it. Ivy realises that as a result, the kelpies will not fight the each uisage with their King missing and if it's the each uisage that have stolen the brindle and have control over the kelpie King the each uisage will be impossible to beat with him fighting on their side.

It's up to Ivy to solve the mystery of the whereabouts of the kelpie King and his bridle and assemble a supernatural A-team of hunters and magic users, vampires, trolls and the powerful faerie the Green Lady to battle the each uisage even if defeat seems inevitable.

Shadow's Sight is well worth a 5 out of 5 rating. I thought the plot was exciting and beautifully executed, and I loved the array of supernatural characters from Marvin the troll to the vampires that are more of the ancient dry husk kind than the sparkly in the sun kind. The each uisage were fantastically scary baddies and the other little additional magical gems such as the magical shells that act as telephones to the merrow and Galliel the adorable unicorn added to the amazing world building. Sometimes I find first books in a new urban fantasy series to be a bit slow due to all the world building but not Shadow Sight, it's a must read and dare I say it? I enjoyed it even more than my beloved Hollows series by Kim Harrison. (Shock horror!)


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