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Deborah Cooke blogtour: Interview and giveaway

My keeper shelf is the latest stop on Deborah Cooke's blogtour for Ember's Kiss the eighth book in her DragonFire series. Deborah has kindly answered some questions and there's a little giveaway too. Please note this giveaway is for USA, CANADA, UK and AUSTRALIA only.
You can check out the other tour stops here.
Hi Deborah first up, can you tell us a little about Ember's Kiss?
EMBER’S KISS is the 8th Dragonfire novel. The series features dragon shape shifter heroes called the Pyr, an ancient race who defend the four elements and are guardians of the Earth and its treasures. The Pyr count humans among the world’s treasures, while the evil dragon shifters (the Slayers) think humans should be eradicated along with the Pyr. The Pyr and the Slayers are in the middle of a big battle which only one side will survive. Each Pyr has one change to reproduce in his long life - when he meets the human woman who can bear his son, they experience a firestorm. Sparks literally fly until their match is consummated and that child is conceived. These kids are almost always sons, because the Pyr trait passes through the male line. Each book features one hero and his firestorm (because they are pararnormal romances) and the hero usually has his work cut out for him - he needs to seduce the heroine, fulfill his part of the mission in the war against the Slayers, and defend the heroine from Slayers determined to kill her off. (All dragon shifters feel the firestorm, regardless of who experiences it, and are drawn to it, like moths to the flame.) So, these are action filled romances and I have a lot of fun writing them.
EMBER’S KISS itself is the second book in this series to feature a Pyr hero who isn’t that interested in being a dragon shifter. Brandon, the hero of EMBER’S KISS associates his dragon abilities with his father, but since he and his dad are estranged (his parents’ marriage ended when he was little) he doesn’t want anything in common with his father. He’s ignored his powers and tried to carry on with a normal human life. He’s a great surfer, and is in the middle of a competition that could give him the chance to go pro when he has his firestorm. He also is enchanted by the evil Slayer Chen, which is something he doesn’t realize because of his ignorance of the Pyr, their powers and their lore. Fortunately for Brandon, his firestorm is with Liz, whose own experience lets her see exactly what is going on. Liz is the first Dragonfire heroine to have paranormal powers of her own, although - like Brandon - she doesn’t want her powers. She was fully trained before she walked away, though, so she understands Chen’s magic. She embraces her own powers only to ensure Brandon’s safety, and I really like how their romance and partnership came together.
How would you describe Brandon and Liz and what do they see in each other?
Well, the first spark of the firestorm is often about lust. Brandon and Liz, though, see something in each other from first glimpse, even before the firestorm sparks. They each think the other is a bit different from the people they usually meet. Brandon is a surfer, so he meets a lot of fangirls on the beach - he sees Liz as a woman with an identity of her own and a plan. She shares his ambition to achieve something, as well as being attractive. Brandon, to Liz, is different from attractive guys she’s met before - he’s romantic and insists he’s interested in the long term, plus he can laugh at himself. She finds his company both easy and electric. Of course, they don’t know at the outset how they can change each other’s lives, and bring out the best in each other. That’s the bonus!
I love the covers in the Dragonfire series, I especially love that as the series has progressed the heroes are getting more and more naked (it always makes me pick up a book lol), do you have a say in any of your covers?
The covers are great, aren’t they? I love them all. As far as the process of creating the cover, it often happens before the book is completely written. My editor and I talk about ideas for the cover - she’s read the outline at this point and we both know the story - and now we talk about how to make it distinct from the others. Then the art department does their magic, and usually, they come up with the perfect cover first time. If not, we talk about it some more, and the cover is tweaked. For example, Rafferty didn’t have his ring on the first version of the cover I saw for DARKFIRE KISS. They added it in afterward because it was so important in the story.

I loved the little character interviews you had on your blog, do you plan any more?
I forgot about those! I did them for the first six Dragonfire heroes. Hmm. Maybe I should add some more. I’ll have to think about that. Thanks for the reminder!
You write paranormal romance, YA and medieval romance you must have to be super organised! Do you focus on one series at a time?

I always wish I were more organized than I am. I also wish I could work on two books at a time, but I’ve never managed that. I have to focus completely on one book in order to be happy with the way the story progresses - it’s probably a question of focus - but I like to alternate between different genres or series. That ensures that I have a fresh perspective when I come back to any given series.

btw, if you like medieval romances, one of my Claire Delacroix medievals is currently free at many portals. It’s the first book in a series, and you can learn more about it right here:
Finally, what do you hope your readers get from reading your books?

I hope they’re entertained! And I hope they are interested in reading more of whatever series they read. My stories are all about love conquering all obstacles, but I think that most of my readers are already convinced of that. Maybe the idea gets a little extra boost when they read one of my books.

Thanks for having me visit!
A gigantic thank you to Deborah for answering my slightly bonkers questions!
Dragonfire #8
Deborah Cooke
Publication date: 2nd October 2012


For centuries, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have hidden themselves from mankind, defending the earth's treasures in secrecy. But as the final reckoning with the Slayers--who are determined to eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them--heats up, even the most ancient secrets will be revealed....

Brandon Merrick is determined to banish his shifter nature forever. The charismatic tattooed surfer is on the cusp of the ultimate challenge--to prove himself on the whitecaps of Hawaii and secure his future as a pro surfer. But his dragon isn't prepared to be tamed so easily....

One look at marine biologist Liz Barrett ignites the spark of a firestorm: Liz is his destined mate and his chance for happiness. While Brandon sees their first night together as just the beginning, his dragon seizes the upper hand. Awakening in the company of a raging dragon challenges Liz's ability to believe her own eyes.

Can Brandon accept his inner beast in time to make it work with Liz? Neither one realizes Brandon is caught in an ancient Slayer's scheme to enslave him. When the deadly plot ignites, the very island will be at risk...and Brandon and his mate could be the ultimate sacrifice.

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As part of the tour Deborah is giving away a grand prize of an autographed set of the Dragonfire series. That's 8 signed books people!!! To enter go here.
Deborah is also giving away a paperback of Ember's Kiss for every stop on the tour.
Please note this giveaway is for USA, CANADA, UK and AUSTRALIA only.
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