Monday, 29 October 2012

Mini reviews: Down for the Count and No Flowers Required

down for the countDown for the Count
Dare Me #1
Christine Bell
Publication date: 1st October 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

I’m loving Entangled Publishing’s Brazen Line, I’ve enjoyed every single one of their sexy little contemporary romances and Down for the Count is the perfect kind of quick, easy contemporary romance with a little bit of steam that I like!

When poor Lacey finds her new husband in the cupboard with her bridesmaid on her wedding day it’s up to bad boy boxer Galen her best friends older brother to save her and whisk her away on the back of his bike.

Their escape results in mucho drinking games and they end up going on Lacey’s honeymoon. After a number of really deliciously good schmexy scenes and family drama (including the most over bearing mother ever!) with Galen's help Lacey is finally able to stand up for herself and decide her own fate.

Down for the Count is a delicious little friends to lovers romance. I liked it a lot.

no flowers required

No Flowers Required   
Love Required #2   
Cari Quinn   
Publication date: 23rd August 2012   
Reviewed by Lesley   
I had a little bit of a lump in my throat after reading No Flowers Required. In a good way of course! Flower shop owner Alexa is barely managing to keep the business she has inherited afloat and has to sell her home and downsize into the run down flat above her shop. When she meets gorgeous handyman Dillon she realises that a little bit of escapist romance is exactly what she needs when faced with evil Cory the co-owner of Value Hardwear who is hounding her to pay her bills and wants to put her out of business.
What Alexa doesn't know is that handyman Dillion is actually Cory's brother and reluctant heir to the evil Value Hardwear corporation. As Dillion and Alexa's romance heats up Dillion becomes more and more worried that once the proverbial cat is out of the bag and Alexa realises that he's not just a simple handyman that she will never forgive him.
I enjoyed the instant heat between Dillion and Alexa, she's a little bit stubborn at first and despite her business failing is reluctant to admit her high end products are actually pricing herself out of business. It takes Dillion's patience and gentle coaxing to get her to realise she's got to diversify to survive. Although she was a little but irritating and snobbish at times I loved Alexa's vulnerable side, she really tugged at my heartstrings and I was rooting for her throughout.
No Flowers Required is another perfect contemporary romance from Brazen, I'll definitely be looking out for the next book in this series.

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