Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My book boyfriend: Clay from Defying the Odds by Kele Moon

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Defying the Odds by Kele Moon was on my Sports Romances TBR list which I always seem to gravitate towards despite having reviews books which should be read first! I'm a complete sucker for a confident alpha male sports hero but Defying the Odds hero Clay Powers is just that little bit different. Despite being a famous UFC heavy weight fighter Clay is a little bit intimidating and rough and the locals tend to stay out of his way.
When down on her luck waitress Melody gives the gruff stranger a piece of pumpkin pie he's touched by her gesture (and even eats it despite not liking pumpkin pie) their unlikely friendship turns into an even more unlikely romance. Melody is on the run from her abusive ex-husband and is pretty much living on the breadline, Clay makes a living with his fists and has his own issues but when they get together it's beyond hot (watch out for the shower scene- phew it's GOOOOOD!!). I've picked a couple of Melody and Clay quotes that had my heart skipping a beat.
I loved their first scenes together: 
"For you."
Clay looked at the small blue plate placed in front of him, his usual scowl growing deeper. "I didn't order this."
"It's a gift"
Clay's gaze snapped to the new waitress. He eyed the attractive blonde in surprise. "For what?"
She gave him a broad smile that made her green eyes glow bright and vibrant beneath her black-rimmed glasses. "For thanksgiving," she said, her voice soft and musical to his ears. "I saw you were eating alone, and I thought, that man needs a piece of pumpkin pie."...
"I wanted to say thank you," he said, trying very hard to put emotion in his usually gruff voice. "No one's ever done this for me."
"Bought you a piece of pie?"
"No." he felt his cheeks heat, and he looked to the pie in an effort to hide. "Nobody's just nice to me, for free, without, you know, expecting something for it." 
 Melody breaks it off with Clay because she wants to protect him from the mess with her violent ex-husband. Without Melody, Clay is a guy just going through the motions and with a huge title fight looming he needs Melody back...
"Don't leave me again, okay?" Clay whispered in a voice chocked with emotion as he pulled her tighter against him and tilted his head to rest his cheek on top of her head. "Cause that 'bout killed me."
 After some very steamy scenes Clay still manages to say just the most heartwarming lines ever... 
"Better? he asked.
"Yeah." She touched his lips once more and smiled. "Thank you."
"No thank you," he said with a laugh. "You heal me, Mel"
Her smile grew broader. "Ditto."
Defying the Odds is a fantastic little romance with more than it's fair share of heat and I definitely recommend it!
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  1. The last quote was definitely really cute. Clay is definitely a charming character who seems to be more than what meets the eyes.

  2. Woooh! Clay seems like a nice, loving guy. Those quotes makes me swoon. :)


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