Wednesday, 31 October 2012

My book boyfriend: Dillon from No Flowers Required

This week's book boyfriend is from another one of my kindle bargains, honestly I can't help myself I see them and then I have to buy them! Anyway, this week's yummy contender is Dillion the handyman/reluctant heir to Value Hardwear Corporation from Cari Quinn's No Flowers Required.
Why Dillion is so completely irresistable:

Although he is the co-owner of Value Hardwear Corporation with his brother, he prefers to concentrate on the manual work and which is why Alexa thinks he's the handyman.

He's built an eco-friendly garden rooftop garden on Alexa's building and

He helps Alexa with her failing flower business and donates his time and money to charity.

He's terrified that when Alexa finds out he's part of the Value Hardwear corporation that's putting her out of business that she'll never speak to him again.

Alexa's first glimpse of Dillion is one to savour: 
  "Abruptly, Alexa stopped in front of an open apartment door and widened her eyes. Who was that?
  A man wearing tight jeans and a black T-shirt stretched tight over a taut back meant for fingernail marks knelt in the middle of an apartment with a floor plan just like hers, methodically ripping up strips of the laminate. He faced away from her, which gave her the perfect opportunity to study the bunch and flex of muscles in his sinewy forearms. He wore some sort of copper cuff around one wrist, and a tattoo flashed from under the sleeve on his other arm. She couldn't make out what the tat was, but one thing she could discern with no trouble at all.
  Beefcake boy had a hell of an ass."
 Their first kiss is HAWT *fans self*
  "He fused his mouth to hers, and dammit, it was even better than he'd expected. She didn't yield to him but struggled a bit, as if she was shocked he'd taken over. That made it even hotter. He slanted his lips over hers when her squeak granted him access to the warm sweetness inside. Perfect. He took full advantage of her surprise to explore her with long, slow licks of his tongue."
 I loved the playful banter between them:
"Ms. Conroy, are you propositioning me?"
"If I was?"
"I'd say hell yes and get naked."
I recommend getting your hands on a copy of No Flowers Required at only £1.96 /$3.14 it's a complete bargain! You can check out my mini review here.
My book boyfriend is a weekly meme created by Missie at The Unread Reader. To find out more check out Missie's introductory post here. To show off your fictional boyfriend link your MBB post below. Direct links only please.

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