Saturday, 20 October 2012

New books and a visit to Dublin

Top o' the morning to ya!
Sorry, I was in Dublin, Ireland during the week for a little mini holiday and I can't seem to quite stop doing really bad Irish impersonations and shouting Grand! at everything. More about Dublin later.
Anyhoo, on to the books. This is two weeks worth of books as I've been a very bad blogger and haven't been posting much or even reading much. I've had tonnes of family stuff to contend with and le blog has suffered as a result.
For review
The Lying Game and Hide and Seek by Sara Shepard
 Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista
Just Remember to Breathe by Charles Sheehan-Miles

 Brightest Kind of Darkness, A Taste For Passion, Harm's Hunger by Patrice Michelle

I bought
The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst
Other stuff
As I said the hubs and I went to Dublin for a couple of days sans children (Daughter No1 is in Barcelona and Daughter No2 spent some "quality time" with her gran. Hehe.)
Anyway, I've wanted to go to Dublin for ages so acted like a complete tourist taking pictures of EVERYTHING! I'm a bit of a closet history buff (that's what my degree is in) and I also really love old building dating from ye olde period so most of my pictures are of buildings! Dublin is steeped in history and full of gorgeous Georgian architecture so we hoped on and off the tourist bus like crazy culture deprived maniacs. Here's some of my pictures:
 The Daniel O'Connell statue in O'Connell Street
Angel statues freak me out. I blame Doctor Who.
 Christ Church Cathedral
Christ Church Cathedral's slightly creepy crypt
The Tudors is filmed here (I touched Jonathan Rhys Meyers costume. True fact)
 The GPO building, you can still see the bullet holes from the 1916 Easter Rising
 The Guinness Storehouse
Kilmainham Gaol where the 1916 rebels were executed.
In the Name of the Father with Daniel Day Lewis was filmed here.
 Outside Kilmainham Goal
The National Gallery of Ireland
My new all time favourite watercolour on display in the National Gallery.
Isn't it stunning?
It's only on display for one hour three times a week and I actually managed to see it.
It made me think of all the historical romances I've read recently so my hubs bought me a print.
 Trinity College
 Trinity College not only has The Book of Kells (from AD900)
it also houses The Long Room which is this stunning library.
It made me think of Barrons Books and Baubles from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series which is actually set in Dublin.
Just off Grafton Street
An obligatory pint of the Black Stuff and a green post box.
Other, other stuff
I've still got a giveaway ongoing for the amazing On Dublin Street by Samantha Young, seriously you'd think I'd actually planned all this Dublin stuff! Click here to enter.
Hope you liked my countless pictures of buildings!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome vacation! I loved the Lying Game, I need to continue it!

    Amber Elise @ Du Livre

  2. Oooo, amazing pictures, Lesley! Suddenly I'm desperate to see Dublin! Well done on having such a fabulous mini-break, I'm sure you needed it! Trinity college pic is my absolute favorite :)

    Did you hear that On Dublin Street has been snagged by Penguin US, yay for Samantha!

    Anyway, have a lovely week and enjoy all your grand reads, especially P.T. Michelle! :)

  3. Dublin looks like a wonderful place! I went there for a work conference once but never got to see any of the tourist places. :-(

    I have the PT Michelle book on my kindle - I keep meaning to read it but there do! Hopefully you've encouraged me! :-)

  4. Ooo, congrats on your trip to Dublin. Wonderful pics.

    Happy reading :)

  5. Glad you love Dublin!! yeah its hard not to pick up the things we say, GRAND is used A LOT! lol I know the whole time living in around dublin going up there every week and thanks to Doctor Who more specifically Steven Moffat that statue was never the same again! lol I was sitting there after watching doctor who the previous night looked up and then jumped away, pointed and went "DON'T BLINK!" :D Thanks Moffat :)


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