Monday, 22 October 2012

Review: Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

love unscriptedLove Unscripted
Love #1
Tina Reber
Publication date: 6th March 2010
Reviewed by Lesley

I've seen so many 5 star reviews on Goodreads for Love Unscripted that I can't help wonder if I was reading the same book. I honestly didn't actually hate it despite my 2 out of 5 rating but a couple of things just didn't work for me. Firstly it's waaaaay to long, Goodreads tells me it's 668 pages as I read it on my kindle it felt even longer than that. At times I looked at the percentage thingy on my kindle and thought maybe it had stopped working or something. Usually I race through books and can't wait to finish work or puts the kids to bed so that I can sneak in another chapter or two but with Love Unscripted I knew I was reading it but that 100% seemed miles and miles away. I don't think that's a good sign.

I did like the characters Ryan the reluctant movie star who's terrified of the screaming fans was sweet and adorable and Taryn the down to earth pub owner brought a bit of normality into his life was very likeable right from the start. I enjoyed their romance and their getting to know each other but the story seemed to stagnate a bit in the middle as the reality of seeing a famous movie star started to have an effect on their relationship. I kept waiting for something bigger to happen but it took a long time for it to come to a conclusion. Normally I would give up on a book like this but something (and I'm not entirely sure what) kept me reading I think I was maybe just determined to see it end. I have to admit I skipped through pages in the middle, again not a good sign.

Overall I thought it was a bit meh, and way too long.


Thanks to Net Galley and Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read and review Love Unscripted.


  1. I did love this book, but I was LONG. I actually think I liked Love Unrehearsed better. They aren't so wishy washy in that one.

  2. Agreed. I skimmed the last 1/4 because I was just tired of it by then. I like more sex in my books anyway.

  3. It was a love novel undeniable romantic! Can't wait to read the next novel! Can't wait for the suspense! I loved it!


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