Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My book boyfriend- Cristiano Ferrara from Once a Ferrara Wife by Sarah Morgan

Welcome to another week of My book boyfriend cohosted by little old me whilst the amazing Missie from The Unread Reader is busy studying for her final semester in school.

Up until recently I considered Mills & Boon books to be "mum" books. When I was growing up my mum read tonnes of them, and they all seemed to have really naff covers and titiles such as "Innocent Beautiful Lady Taken by her Swarthy, Chiselled Greek millionaire Boss" (I may have made that title up but you get my point).

Anyhoo, despite having roughly five billion review books to read I picked up Once a Ferrara Wife by Sarah Morgan yesterday, read it from cover to cover and completely lurvvvved it. It was romantic, steamy hot, had a stubborn and possesive millionaire Sicilian alpha male hero called Cristiano Domenico Ferrara and his tough but vulnerable soon to be ex-wife Laurel that I wanted offer a hug or two.

So here's some very grrrrrr Cristiano quotes:
I loved the first discription of Cristiano *fans self*
"Even casually dressed in black jeans and an open-necked polo shirt he looked spectacular and her body responded instantly to the raw male power that was so much part of who he was. He would no more have apologised for his masculinity than would his caveman ancestors. His masculinity was his pride."
 To Laurel he's stubborn, arrogant and controlling and is incapable of admiting what he did (or didn't do) two years ago was wrong:
"You think I left because I was afraid of how much I loved you? Outrage lit the fires of her own response. "You are so unbelivably arrogant you need a whole island just to house your ego. Are you sure Sicily is big enough? Maybe you should buy Sardina, too!"
"I'm working on it." His laconic reply was delivered without a hint of irony."
 Cristiano is determined to make Laurel admit that she still loves him and that what they have is worth fighting for but Laurel still isn't convinced:
"Here, in the most intimate situation of all, she couldn't hide from him.
   And he couldn't hide from the truth.
   He didn't want a divorce.
   He wanted his wife. Here. Now.
When he realises the real reason why Laurel left his reaction just about broke my heart but he has a lot of work to do before Laurel is willing to forgive him:
"Tia amo. I love you, Laurie." His hands cupped her cheeks. His eyes held hers, refusing to let her look away. "I can see why you might not belive that right now, but I do love you."
So my first Mills & Boon Modern was a complete success I'm now having a look to see what else Sarah Morgan has written I can see me getting completely addicted!
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  1. I have not heard of this one, but it sounds wonderful! Nothing like a "possesive millionaire Sicilian alpha male hero" to amp up the hotness factor of a romance! :)

    1. I know Melissa I'm a complete sucker for a alpha male millionaire!

  2. OMG! I love this sound of Cristiano!!! And that image of him on the cover is sooo hot.
    Thanks for sharing!! Loved him!

  3. He looks very brooding doesn't he Lis? The alternative cover on Goodreads was way naffer!!


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