Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review: Tart by Lauren Dane

Delicious #2
Lauren Dane
Publication date: 6th November 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

First up it's not possible to read this book and NOT want to make cakes. NOT POSSIBLE. Secondly this book will make you squirm but in a good way. It's HAWT.

Juliet Lamprey is an all out planner and organiser and runs a successful bakery called Tart, when Gideon Carter comes back into town to help his grandfather sparks fly between them and they hook up. I loved them together. This however, spurs Juliet's long term crush and friend Cal Whaley to finally make a move on Juliet. When he kisses Juliet in the alley it's thrilling and a little bit scary but it's what Juliet has always wanted from Cal. Instead of admitting that he's a tad too late Cal instead proposes a threesome which Juliet and Gideon agree to.

Tart definitely has more than it's fair share of schmexy scenes but what I really liked about it was Juliet's honesty. The reality of their situation is complicated and Juliet knows that people will judge them and they will and do loose family members and friends along the way. Juliet's own battling emotions also have an impact on her, she's afraid that Cal and Gideon will disappear off into the sunset together without her and that longer term she's not going to be enough for either of them. I thought Juliet came across as completely honest rather then annoyingly insecure and I have to say it made me like her even more. Although I loved Gideon (it's the cowboy thing) I didn't warm to Cal immediately he urges Juliet to be honest about her feelings but then over reacts when she does. At that point a tiny bit of me wanted Juliet to dump him and stick with Gideon!

I loved checking in with old favourite characters from the Brown Sibling's series (one of my all time favourite series) Adrian and Gillian's wedding was sweet and made me want to re-read their book again. I also really enjoyed seeing Erin as Juliet's "menage mentor" her advice just tugged at my heart strings. 

If you want a steamy read you really do need to pick up a Lauren Dane book they're completely addictive.  Bring on Mary and Damien's book I can't wait!

A gigantic thank you to Lauren Dane for sending me a copy of Tart for review (I won it via her blog). Tart is out on the 6th so "add it to basket" sharpish!

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  1. Delicious review! I really can't wait to read this book, Lesley, and suddenly want to bake a cake :)


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