Monday, 3 December 2012

Audio review: Adorkable by Sarra Manning

Sarra Manning
Publication date: 24th May 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

I've been listening to Adorkable by Sarra Manning for a few weekends now, I usually listen to audio books when ironing or something equally as mind numbingly boring and I have to say it made me look forward to ironing!

Michael Lee is the perfect teenager, he's well mannered, works hard at school, is the captain of the school football team and student council. The girls love his sharp cheekbones his Hollister wardrobe and perfect hair. He's nice to his little sisters, helpful to his parents and an all round good guy.

Jeane is a 17 year old genius, she argumentative, opinionated and pretty much looks down at everyone. She wears clothes from jumble sales likes glitter and animal print, orange tights and sparkly cardigans. She's created a mini interwebz empire called "Adorkable" and is seen as the voice of her generation and is talked about in The Guardian and The New York Times.

Jeane and Michael become unlikely friends when they realise their current boyfriend and girlfriend prefer each other rather than them. As a result, Jeane and Michael start a weird love/hate kind of relationship. Michael doesn't want anyone to know he's snogging the weird girl, he doesn't think she's pretty and her argumentative nature bugs the life out of him. However, they bond initially on Twitter over pictures of dogs surfing and then in real life. Coming from a supportive and loving family he's appalled that Jeanne at 17 is living on her own whilst her mum is off saving female prisoners in South America. her flat is messy, she's addicted to Haribo and although she has half a million followers on Twitter and receives 5 bazillion emails a day she's actually really lonely. It takes a lot for Jeane to finally realises what's important in life and for Michael to finally admit in public that he really likes Jeane but their story kept me laughing and I love the sarcasm and true teenage voices.

The two narrators did a fantastic job as Jeane and Michael. Jeane had that perfect monosyllabic teenage girl tone with sarcastic and "I'm totally looking down at you" vibes that had me laughing and maybe cringing just a little bit. Equally, I thought Michael's voice was prefect he had that "I don't want anyone to know that it takes me ages to get my hair in that perfect I've just got out of bed kind of way". I both loved and got completely frustrated by both characters in equal measures, Michael's honesty was refreshing and Jeane's voice of a generation speech at the conference in New York had me cheering out loud. Although this is a young adult book it does have sexual content but it's so well written and honest that I wouldn't have a problem with my teenage daughter reading it.



  1. This sounds like a great contemporary read. I need to get some more audiobooks so I'll check this one out.

    1. I can't make up my mind about Adiobooks sometimes I can't stand them Jess but I really liked this one.


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