Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Best book covers of 2012

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope Santa has been good to you!
I’m participating this week in the Top 10 of 2012- A week of looking back… and looking forward hosted by Rachel at (Fikt)shun and some other fabulous bloggers.
Today's post is my top 10 book covers of 2012.
Compiling this post made me realise that I definitely judge a book by it's cover and I'm more likely to pick up a book with some naked man chest on the front or a girl with a pretty dress. So I'm shallow and superficial and I'm not afraid to admit it!
Here's some of my favourite covers of 2012 
Jaci Buton has the best covers EVER! I have a postcard of Playing to Win and have been know to gazed at it for long periods of time. I've loved all of the Brazen Entangled Publishing covers they're so distinctive but Seducing Cinderella is probably my favourite.
The two books Elle Aycart published this year were A-MAZ-ING  I can't choose my favourite so I picked both.

Pretty dress alert!
I loved the Angel's Flight cover it's even inspired the colours of my new book makeover coming to a screen near you in January! I loved Everneath and it's gorgeous cover and I'm ashamed to say I bought For Darkness Shows the Stars because of the cover and I STILL haven't read it yet!

Back to some naked man chest.
I discovered my fondness for romances with rock stars in them hence The Mighty Storm cover yum! More Than Meets the Ink has naked man chest and tattoos what more could a girl want?
I loved the UK cover of The Iron Duke, it's one of my all time favourite books and the re-release prompted a much deserved re-read.

Finally, the Sacrificial Magic is exactly what I pictured the heroine Chess like when reading the Downside Ghosts series. I love her tattoos. 
Are any of these your favourites?


  1. I had to check out The Iron Duke since you liked it so much. It looks great, so it's on my TBR list now. Merry Christmas!

  2. Yum! Seducing Cinderella was prob my FAVE book of 2012. Love your blog, keep it up!! :)

  3. Jaci Burton's covers are HOT! I'm reading Heavy Issues now!


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