Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My book boyfriend- Chris Merit from If I Were you by Lisa Renee Jones

This week's book boyfriend is from a book I reviewed a few weeks ago, which turned out to be a late contender to my list of favourite books of 2012. If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones is the first instalment of her Inside Out Trilogy which has been described as part 50 Shades part Basic Instinct.

The heroine Sara McMillan is intrigued by private and very steamy journals which have come into her possession, the only thing is the owner of the journals, the mysterious Rebecca, has disappeared off the face of the earth and Sara has no idea who the man Rebecca was having a dark and erotic relationship with is and if he is in anyway involved in her disappearance. In an effort to try to find Rebecca Sara agrees to work at the art gallery Rebecca had previously worked at and finds herself faced with two very delicious alpha male-ish men- one is her very domineering boss Mark and the second is the talented and very famous artist Chris Merit.

I was quite taken by Chris after devouring If I Were You, however and it's a big giant however I don't know if he is the man the mysterious Rebecca was having a dangerous and dark relationship with so I'm not entirely sure at this stage if he's a good guy or a bad guy. As a result, I've decided to award him temporary book boyfriend status which may or may not be revoked if I find out he's really been the bad guy all along!

"Why didn't you tell me who you are? I blurt, not liking the idea of being a joke.
His lips quirk. "Because then you would have told me you loved my work even if you hated it."
My brows dip. I'm not sure how I feel about that. "That's sneaky."
"It spared you the awkwardness of pretending to like my work."
"There wouldn't have been any awkwardness. I like your work."
"And I like that you like my work"

"I look up in surprise to find Chris standing in front of my table and the worries of moments before are temporarily banked. His light blondish brown hair is mussed up, like he's been running his hands through it and he's wearing a dark blue snug-fitting t-shirt and dark blue jeans. Unlike Mark, he is not classically good looking, but more raw male hotness. He looks scrumptious." 

"Maybe you should think about what I am going to do to you," I challenge.
His eyes darken, heat and he surprises me by leaning down near my ear and whispering, "I've been thinking about it since the day I met you."

I've marked my calendar for the release date of the next instalment Being Me (11th of June which quite frankly seems like donkey's years away!) I highly recommend If I Were You it's a devastatingly brilliant romantic suspense and well worth a five out of five rating.

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  1. I had this on my schedule to read this week, but a few things came up and I had to bump it. Looking forward to it though!

    1. Autumn you HAVE to read it! I got it from net galley but kept putting it off so when I did get round to it I wanted to kick myself for waiting so long! It's absolutely fantastic.

  2. Replies
    1. He is very swoon worthy Amy but I'm so worried he's really the bad guy!


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