Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My book boyfriend: Michael Lee from Adorkable by Sarra Manning

This week's book boyfriend is the adorable Michael Lee from Sarra Manning's Adorkable. I've been listening to the audio book and have laughed at loud at some of Michael's typical teenage moments.

Michael Lee is the perfect teenager, he's well mannered, works hard at school, is the captain of the school football team and student council. The girls love his sharp cheekbones his Hollister wardrobe and perfect hair. He's nice to his little sisters, helpful to his parents and an all round good guy.
Jeane is a 17 year old genius, she argumentative, opinionated and pretty much looks down at everyone. She wears clothes from jumble sales likes glitter and animal print, orange tights and sparkly cardigans. She's created a mini interwebz empire called "Adorkable" and is seen as the voice of her generation, she's talked about in The Guardian and The New York Times.
Jeane and Michael become unlikely friends when they realise their current boyfriend and girlfriend prefer each other rather than them. As a result, Jeane and Michael start a weird love/hate kind of relationship.
Here's some Michael quotes:
"Maybe I kissed Jeane because it made her shut the hell up. Or it might have been the easiest way to show her that I wasn't who she thought I was, that there might actually be some hidden depths to me after all. But I have a really horrible feeling that I kissed her because I wanted to."
"The first kiss was a fluke.
The second kiss was obviously just to see if the first kiss really had been a fluke. But there weren't any excuses for the kisses after that.
The third kiss occurred when Jeane just happened to be passing my car at the exact time I was leaving early on Thursday afternoon... I put my bag down on the car bonnet so that when she did get to my side, I had my hands free to pull here close enough so that I could kiss her."
"So this thing, whatever this thing is, is just between you and me, and it's simply a kissing thing?"
"Well, kissing and we already do quite a bit of touching but we can take the rest as it comes," Jeane said. No one in my life was ever this direct. It made everything so much easier.
Anyway, we'd established some ground rules for the kissing and maybe some touching so there was no good reason not to walk over to Jeane. For once, sitting on the kitchen counter as she was, our faces were level, which meant that I didn't have to lean down and she didn't have to crane her neck when I kissed her."  
I listened to Adorkable on audio book and loved the alternative view points of Michael and Jeane. They argued constantly, she's addicted to Harbio and dyes her hair lilac and he works hard and applies to posh universities, they really did show that opposites attract but neither of them would admit their true feelings to each other! If you like a bit of British sarcasm and humour then you will love Adorkable.
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  1. Ahhh this book sounds so cute! I will definitely be adding this to my TBR list! Aww their relationship sounds like a lot of fun to read about! <33

  2. This book is going on my TBR list straight away!
    It sounds like such a cute read with characters who I would probably like. The quotes definitely make me want to read the book even more.


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