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My book boyfriend: Toby from The Boys of Summer by C.J. Duggan

Welcome to another week of My book boyfriend co-hosted by My Keeper Shelf.
Have I got a treat for you this week! Prepare for full on swoonage of massive proportions because this weeks book boyfriend comes all the way from Australia just for your reading pleasure! Ladies may I introduce you to the very yummy Toby Morrison from C.J. Duggan's debut novel "The Boys of Summer".

Toby is a 22 year old mechanic and Tess has had a crush on him since forever. But he's a little bit older than 17 year old Tess and she's never really been one for seeking the limelight. When Tess started her summer job at the Onslow Hotel she never thought for a second that Onslow boy Tobey would ever be interested in her.

The Boys of Summer is a fantastic mature YA story, it's got the most  amazing characters and it's impossible not to fall in love with Tess and drool over Toby. You can check out my slightly fan girly review here. I actually highlighted 22 quotes when I was reading The Boys of Summer it was THAT good. So, it's been really difficult to just narrow it down to three or four quotes! So here's a few of my favourite, favourite, favourite Toby scenes.

Best. First. Scene. Ever.
"My heart stopped. I knew that face; it was a face I had always known. A face I hadn't seen in a really long time.
  My head spun at the sight and the memory of Toby Morrison. A boy I had never spoken a word to, a boy I had always admired from afar. He closed the distance between us. He looked at me for what was probably the first time, though I had looked at him constantly. I held my breath as he stopped by the car, our eyes locked in a long moment, his lips parted with what would be our first exchange. I breathed in deeply and embraced myself for the moment, the moment I had waited for as he finally spoke...
  "Get off my car!"
  I almost toppled over as I slid off the bonnet, mortified. He reached out to steady me as he laughed.
  Was he laughing at me?
  "Whoa! Easy there." he smiled wickedly. "Don't stress, I'm just messing with you. It's not really my car."

I loved this scene, the tension is building and I honestly thought he was going to walk away, that they would never kiss...
"Just when I thought he would turn to leave, he stepped forward, back into the alcove, placed his empty bottle on the table and in one fluid movement, without taking his from me, Toby yanked the fabric back into place, enveloping us in darkness. My heartbeat spiked at the unexpectedness of it. Toby strode towards me, his hands cupped my face and his lips claimed mine.

And ladies look- he's funny, sweet and *le hot*:
"Your chariot awaits."
"In the form of a blue Ford ute? I curved my brow.
"But of course," he said in an over-the-top French accent.
"Sacre blur, bad accent alert!"
"Wow," he said, "Le rude?"
"Le sorry?"
"Le hurt." Toby clutched his heart.
"What can I do to soothe your shattered ego?"
Toby drummed his chin thoughtfully, pacing around me. He stopped just near enough to whisper in my ear.
"Le kiss?" 

Last Toby teaser *sighs dreamily*
"I've never met anyone like you, Tess. You think you're a no one? You're so wrong. So wrong. You stand in a room with all the Angelas, even the Ellies. None of them can compare to you. I remember when you started working at the Onslow, I couldn't keep my eyes off you. You were so terrified. You weren't full of yourselves like other girls. Every time walked into the bar, you were like a breath of fresh air...You made me see the difference in people. You're not a nobody, Tess, you're a somebody." 

Isn't my book boyfriend freaking amazing???? You guys NEED to read The Boys of Summer. It will make you ache for the summer. And make you want to pack your bags and go and live in a fictional Australian town. And you will, I promise you, swoon big time over the Onslow boys. I loved it and gave it 5 out of 5.

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  1. Definitely a great first scene! Love the other quotes too! This is definitely going on my TBR list! :D

  2. Oh Toby Toby Toby!!! A book crush I don't feel guilty over!!!


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