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Guest post from Cathy Yardley- Temping is Hell blog tour

Temping is Hell by Cathy Yardley is definitely in the running to be my book of the month, it was AMAZING.  If you like your Urban Fantasy to have a hilarious, brave and slightly kick-ass heroine that also happens to have mad filing skills then check out Temping Is Hell. I absolutely loved it and then loved it some more.

Personally, I really hope Cathy can write really fast because I'm already impatient for the next instalment, you can check out my review here, there's a lot of squeeeing and exclamation marks so be warned!

My keeper shelf is the latest stop on the Temping is Hell blog tour, Cathy has very kindly agreed to share a little excerpt from Temping is Hell and tell us why her latest heroine is a secretary.

Why my heroine is a secretary.

Before I was able to write full time, I used to be a secretary. I wrote my first seven books while holding down a forty-hour-a-week day job, and for most of that time, I was an “admin” – executive assistant, office goddess, you name it. I did a lot of filing. Answered phones. Cleaned conference rooms, kept schedules. And generally made sure the wheels stayed on the bus.

Consequently, I know this fact: do not mess with secretaries.

They know things. Similar to Moms, they seem to know where everything is (and everyone goes to them asking “have you seen…?”) They know where the available conference rooms are. They know the numbers to everybody you need to get a hold of and how to work just about everything in a fifteen foot radius.

They know people, too. They know which IT guy will actually help and which mail guy to avoid. With a phone call, the laptop you haven’t been able to get ordered for the past six months will appear on your desk in twenty-four hours.

When I started writing Temping Is Hell, I knew I wanted to write about a secretary. But not just any secretary: a temp. Temps have a reputation for being flaky and incompetent, but I temped for years – and the true power of temping is the ability to say “you people are crazy, I am out of here.”

Kate has some commitment issues when it comes to work. She starts working for Thomas Kestrel and Fiendish Enterprises because she needs to get some cash before her cell phone gets shut off. She thinks she’ll just put up with a temporary hell until she pays some bills. What she doesn’t know is: this assignment is going to be the longest, and most exciting, year of her life.

Here’s a clip from when Kate first meets Thomas, late one night, at the Fiendish Enterprises office (after he catches her singing Baby Got Back at one in the morning, working on a project):

“So what you’re saying,” he reiterated, as they headed toward the elevators, “is that my job—and everybody else’s job here—is basically pushing expensive, self-indulgent, ultimately hollow crap.”

She was silent for a second. Then she sighed, and to his surprise, she put a hand on his arm. “I’m sorry. That’s unfair. I’ve had a crappy day, and not a lot of great experiences with big corporate, but I’m firmly against snap judgment. I apologize for that.”

Her apology, and self-awareness, threw him off.

“Besides, you obviously love it here,” she said in a low, serious voice, releasing his arm and walking. “I felt that way about the place I used to work, before it went under. I guess…I just miss the way things used to be.”

I know that feeling, he thought.

“Besides, one of these days I really should learn when to shut up.”

He laughed at her abashed tone. “You’re sort of a neat person, Kate O’Hara. And a very inventive singer.”

“And you’re probably the coolest billionaire I’ve ever met, Thomas Kestrel,” she said, with a little chuckle. “Of course, you may be the only billionaire I’ve ever met, so that kind of narrows the field.”

“You knew who I was?” The elevator arrived, and he followed her in, torn between feeling amused at her audacity and a little disappointed.

“Your picture’s in the lobby,” she pointed out. “We’re not talking Sherlock Holmes, here.”

“So, knowing all that, you still panned my corporation?” he pressed. “To my face?”

“Apparently.” She was blushing again, like rose petals on milk. Suddenly, he got the strong feeling that she wasn’t acting. She was not only being herself—she was probably clinically incapable of being anything else. “Besides, I don’t mean to make it sound like this is, you know, that bad. It could’ve been worse.”

He studied her, paused for a beat. “Could’ve been Microsoft, huh?”

“Don’t even joke.”

This is the first book in my Necessary Evil series. The sequel, Overtime is Hell, will be out next year.

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  1. Cathy, Congrats on the release of your newest book. Sounds like a really cute story!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, Cathy! *waving*
    I have been a firmly entrenched Cathy Yardley fan since the Red Fairy Trilogy and Blaze! Whoo-hoo! And I see "Temping is Hell"--what a hilarious title!--will be another favorite! Can't wait until next week when I can get my grubby pointer finger on the "Download" button! LOL! Whenever you laugh at an excerpt alone, oh I gotta have it!

    Congratulation on the new release!!

  3. Okay, I meant Red Fairy Tale Trilogy. Dang it, fat fingers!! LOL!

  4. Great post! I've never temped but have always been an office gal and you nailed it when you said we know everything...kind of like a mom! It's scary for other staff members the things we can do and know. lol

    Sounds like a fun book...great excerpt!

  5. What a great excerpt! Can't wait to pick this one up. Congratulations, Cathy!

  6. Ha! I'm a secretary or more pc term executive assistant and everything you mentioned is completely true. We know everything and have that reputation for getting stuff done. I always say that if you sent the email to my boss, you made your first mistake. lol. Love your books, Cathy and good luck with your great-sounding series.

  7. Love the excerpt! Can't wait for this one to come out. :)

  8. "We’re not talking Sherlock Holmes, here.”

    Snort. Loved that line.

    I worked as an admin assistant for five years before I had the twins. I both loved and hated the job for exactly the reason you listed above, lol.

    Sounds like a fun book!

  9. Thanks so very much, guys! Nice to see so many fellow admins (and recovering admins) in the ranks. :) And I love this book more than anything I have ever written, hands down. I'm so glad to be able to share it with everyone! :)

  10. I know what you mean about secretaries knowing *everything*--still remember that from my temping days. Love the witty banter in this excerpt!

  11. I love the cover and title!!! :)

    Congratulations on the new release! It sounds like a fun read..

    Lisa :)

  12. Cathy, never was a temp but did time as a wrangler of execs. Oh wait, I am a temp now! LOL. Great post and sounds like a fun read!


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