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Review: Crimson Frost by Jennifer Estep

crimson frostCrimson Frost
Mythos Academy #4
Jennifer Estep
Publication date: 24th December 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

Crimson Frost starts with a real bang when Gwen's long awaited date with Spartan Logan Quinn ends in her arrest by the Mythos Protectorate headed up by none other than Logan's father Linus Quinn. Accused of intentionally freeing Loki from the prison realm that the other gods had trapped him in centuries ago, Gwen's very public arrest means that until her trial every Mythos student who has lost a friend or family member to the Reapers is now determined to make Gwen's even more difficult.

There's a real build up of tension in this instalment. Gwen finds herself with a double threat hanging over her from the students who are out to get her and the possibility that she may actually be executed for conspiring with the Reapers. Not only that, Gwen knows that with all attention focused on her and the trial that the real villain Loki's champion Vivian is still out there with a free rein to create even more mayhem. Although it seems like an impossible task it's up to Gwen and her loyal group of friends to prove her innocence.

With action galore (I especially loved Grandma Frost's acting skills), double crossing, drama and a bit of a who dunnit mystery with a potential Reaper spy in the Protectorate, Crimson Frost has a bit of everything in it. With Gwen's magic constantly evolving and the impending chaos war literally just around the corner I'm eager now to see the final showdown. Although I still don't see Gwen as a typical all conquering heroine (which is exactly what I like about her as a character) she has developed dramatically from her initial days at Mythos Academy. Like Gwen herself,  I want to know what the Goddess Nike sees in Gwen to make her such a worthy champion. So bring on the final battle please Ms Estep!

I've been cheering for Gwen and Logan to get together from the first book but it seems that for Gwen the course of true love never will run smooth. And that ending???? Arrrgghhh you NEED to read it, it's a real killer and makes me even more impatient for the next instalment Midnight Frost.

Thanks to Jennifer Estep for the opportunity to read and review Crimson Frost.

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