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Review: Temping Is Hell by Cathy Yardley

Temping Is Hell
Cathy Yardley
Publication date: January 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

I'm already thinking that Temping Is Hell is going to be my January book of the month and it's only 2 weeks into the month. Quirky and hilariously funny this new series is my kind of urban fantasy.

Thomas Kestral isn't just your average gorgeous billionaire, he's a man on a mission. To save his terminally ill fiancee he sold his soul to an evil bad guy, but things didn't quite go as planned and he lost his fiancee anyway. Determined to get his soul back Thomas enlists the help of the very enigmatic Yagi as his teacher/mentor to help him. Thomas finds out that before he can kill the evil bad guy he must firstly find and kill the 13 other people who also sold their soul over to the evil bad guy. Thomas is in a race against time and will do anything to get what he wants.

Kate O'Hara is a temp extraordinaire, she has mad filing skills and can organise anything. (a girl after my own heart). Her relationship with her parents is troubled they think she's a complete screw up but Kate just says what she thinks, has a heart of gold and will always do the right thing even if it does land her in a tonne of trouble.

When Kate is forced to take a temp job at Fiendish Ink she thinks it's just another boringly corporate company but she needs to pay the bills so stays even though her new boss Maggie is a bitchy, psychotic, work shy, pageant queen who spends more time playing Angry Birds than working.

When her bitchy boss sends her to the basement Kate is horrified by the conditions of the "workers" kept there. Little does Kate know that these workers are demons being used by Thomas to find 13 symbols in a mountain of paperwork to help him track down the signatories he needs to kill. I seriously laughed at Kate's outrage and consequent work to ensure the demons got proper breaks and snacks as incentives to find the symbol almost setting up a demon union as a result. By befriending Slim (the nice demon) Kate begins to realise this is no ordinary basement but before she knows it Kate is involved up to her neck with Thomas and his mission at Fiendish Inc.

Kate's the kind of urban fantasy heroine I love. Organiser, friend of the demons, kick ass chick with mad filing skills. You are going to love her! Kate and Thomas's alliance is not all plain sailing despite a little romantic interlude. I cheered for them but I never really knew if in Thomas's determination to get his soul back he would use Kate as collatoral despite his feelings for her. It kept me absolutely glued to the story.

Temping is Hell really was absolutely outstanding. Quirky, unique, hilarious and addictive I'm desperate to read the rest of the Cathy Yardley's Necessary Evil series. Buy it you'll love it.

Cathy Yardley will be here at My keeper shelf on Tuesday the 15th of January.

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