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Review: Going Under by Lauren Dane

going underGoing Under
Bound by Magick #3
Lauren Dane
Publication date: 5th February 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

So the threat of the Magister had me gnawing at my fingernails at the end of Chaos Burning the second instalment in Lauren Dane's excellent Bound by Magick series, and I'm happy to report the threat in Going Under was even more sinister as the Clan witches or "Others" find themselves outed by the very vocal and very vicious pro-human faction Purity. The resulting backlash sees ordinary Others being forced out of their jobs and homes.

Molly Ryan who was brought up by her human mother until her magick was noticed at the age of 13 and has always been more human than Other, finds herself a victim of this anti-others backlash when the partners in her PR firm decide to oust her. It's this raging injustice that results in Molly taking her final step into the world of the Others by taking up the post of PR guru for Clan Owen.

Molly finds herself instantly attracted to hunter and all out alpha hero Gage Garrity her hot, smart, sexy and strong bodyguard who's protective vibe just rings Molly's bell completely. Despite Molly's natural ability to work a crowd and get people on her side the pressure on her really starts to mount as she becomes the very public face of the Others thus making her a real target for the Purity crazies.

I thought the paranormal romance element of the story was pretty much perfect- a smart heroine who knows what she wants and yummy, protective, drool inducing alpha male hero, I mean honestly what more can a girl want? I really loved the development of Molly's character, Lauren Dane really does write the best kind of heroines. Molly's public persona is professional, controlled, calm and collected but as her relationship with Gage develops he also sees her heart and sense of humour and definitely appreciates that she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to get it. Gage however, has that guy-ish belief that he's not really the forever type (even though you just know that he is) and Molly gets tired of waiting for his man brain to catch up with his heart.

I got the overwhelming sense that the battle between Others and humans has really just begun, what the humans don't know is that the Others magical powers are actually getting stronger and that they collectively will only take so much from the humans. I couldn't help but shiver at the proposed policy of rounding up Others as "domestic threats" into camps and sterilising them, I really felt Molly's anger and frustration at this persecution and found myself cheering as she changed from mediator and educator to kick ass Molly who speaks for all Others when she takes a stand.

Going Under really took my breath away. It has everything that I've come to expect from this series from the gripping storyline and fantastic world building to the very schmexy paranormal romance I cannot wait for Faine's story. 5 out of 5.


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  1. Oh I am so going to have to cave and start reading her. I've had a couple people mention her name but hadn't really paid too much attention but dang you have me wanting to read this one now :) Gage so sounds like a hero that would work for me too!

    Thanks Lesley!

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