Friday, 15 February 2013

Review: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning

hot ticketHot Ticket
Sinners on Tour #3
Olivia Cunning
Publication date: 5th February 2013

I have a lot of love for the Sinners series it’s full of rock gods with mucho sexy time and laughs. I have enjoyed some of the books more than others though, Double Time wasn’t as good and the whole weird reading order thing kind of threw me a bit. Hot Ticket sees Olivia Cunning back to her rock goddess best.

Jace the Sinners bassist has never really felt 100% part of the band, brought into replace Jon he’s grateful to be there and although he loves the music he doesn’t contribute as much to the band both in stage presence and in writing the music. It’s not because he can’t, musically he’s a closet genius but lacks confidence and prefers to stay at the back near the drums when they play live. Jace also very much keeps himself to himself and despite spending all his time on the road with the Sinners they know nothing about his difficult upbringing or his need for pain.

When Jace sees Aggie in the strip club where she works at Brian’s pre-wedding night out he falls for her Mistress V persona. Aggie is a dominatrix that keeps business and pleasure very separate but Jace isn’t anything like her normal clients and their one off night develops into a sort of a relationship. Aggie has to work hard to get Jace to open up at times I liked her and other times I thought she smothered Jace a bit too much and I felt like I was waiting for them to implode. Although their relationship is very different it works for both of them, he needs pain and she loves dishing it out.

It wouldn’t be a Sinners book without the schmexy times, there’s a plentiful amount and it is pretty much all HAWT! What I love most about this series is the band banter and the opportunity to catch up with the previous couples front man Sed and Jessica and guitarist Brian and Myrna and their on the road antics. I still thought the whole out of order thing (where the 3rd book released took place after this book) is weird and a little off putting. I loved how Eric the drummer became more part of the story, up until now I haven’t noticed him much so it was obvious the scene was being set for his book Wicked Beat.

One thing I really want to know is are we ever going to get fellow rock god Dare’s book?? I so want that book! All in all I really enjoyed Hot Ticket, the Sinner’s are definitely back on form.


  1. heard good things about this series, after not been so keen on the one night with sole regret series, will be checking these out though!!


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