Monday, 18 February 2013

Review: Wake by Amanda Hocking


Watersong #1
Amanda Hocking
Publication date: 7th August 2012
Reviewed by Rebecca

If I tell you I read this book in a day, would it tell you just how much I loved it? I picked this book over The Farm (review to come) as I just couldn't resist - the cover is so beautiful! The book is set in a beach town and revolves around sisters Gemma and Harper. The story seems to focus on Gemma but that is the beauty of this novel. Although you do find out a lot about Gemma, it is only after finishing the book do you realise that Harper is actually the main character. Almost every incident in the book reverts back to Harper but it is so cleverly written that you don't notice right until the very end.

Living in a beachside town, residents are used to people coming and going for the summer. It is with the arrival of mysterious girls Penn, Thea and Lexi that everyone starts to take notice. Stunningly beautiful but ever so creepy, everyone is just a little bit wary of them. Training to be an Olympic swimmer, Gemma feels a little uneasy when the girls keep appearing at her swim sessions in the evenings and tries to avoid them where possible. It doesn't take long for them to lure her into their web, however, no matter how resistant she is. Certain things occur and you find yourself willing Gemma to find a way out of her situation.

Dead bodies are turning up everywhere and in a small town like this, people are starting to panic. Harper has her suspicions as to who are involved but these are left unfounded. Acting like Gemma's mum since their own was involved in an accident many years prior, Harper is only trying to look out for her sister, especially as she will be going to uni soon and there will be no one to look out for her. She doesn't trust the three strange girls and is left wondering just what they want in this town.

There are some romantic aspects in this book: Gemma soon finds herself involved with long term friend and neighbour, Alex - a relationship which I must admit, although nice, isn't too interesting. It is the will they, won't they of Harper and Daniel, a local boy who works down at the docks, that I was interested in. Harper has no interest in romance especially just before university, but it was interesting to see just how far Daniel would go to help out the girl he liked when she needed him.

I did see Gemma's situation coming from a long way, it is quite obvious - however, it definitely makes for interesting reading and kept me turning the pages as quickly as was humanly possible. The scenes towards the end left me breathless as Harper, Alex and Daniel come together to try and help Gemma out before it is too late but eventually leaving it perfect for a sequel.

I adored this book. This is the first book I have read by Hocking and it definitely won't be the last. I picked up Lullaby as soon as I'd finished Wake - I just couldn't wait to see what happened!

5 out of 5

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