Saturday, 30 March 2013

New books and what's on my TBR list this week

Hey everyone, I've been having a little blogging break this week I haven't stopped reading I've just been too lazy to write any reviews so I really need to get organised. I'm off work for two whole weeks so I plan to get loads of reading done but will probably end up harrassed to the max by my two daughters and read very little.

I'm off to London on Thursday for a work thing (it's an awards ceremony and if my team doesn't win I'm likely to explode/heckle the winners/demand a recount). I should have a few hours to kill before my flight home so I'm planning to do the tourist thing and get on one of those cool bus tours.
I can't wait.
Here's the new books I got over the last two weeks:

For review
Lisa Renee Jones posted on Facebook she was looking for bloggers to review Being Me and as I loved the first instalment in the trilogy If I Were You I naturally volunteered my services.
I also got Inked Ever After by Elle Aycart for review, I loved the first instalment More Than Meets the Ink so I did another little happy dance when Elle Aycart sent it to me.

 I bought
 I read Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost during the week and thought it was okish so I bought the next book in the series Twice Tempted. I also bought Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep despite being way behind in the series, I really need to catch up. Finally I bought The Collector by Victoria Scott which arrived about 5 minutes after I got accepted for it on Net Galley. Oh well never mind.
From Netgalley

 I requested The Practice Proposal by Tracy March and Trying to Score by Toni Aleo because I have a deep rooted love of sports romances, they really are my guilty guilty pleasure. Finally I got Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell because I lurved her first book Seducing Cinderella

I've read quite a few books over the last two weeks some I would put in the "a bit meh" category and some I would put in the "downright strange but bizarely good" category.

 I plan to read Rules of Entanglement and Inked Ever After this weekend whilst eating my entire body weight in chocolate

Hope the Easter bunny is good to you!



  1. Hope you enjoy your London trip - hopefully you'll have some sunshine as the place always looks 100 times better in the sun!

    I have a bad habit of buying series without being up todate as well! :-)

  2. Can't wait for Inked Ever After! I hope to read it this week. Squeeee

  3. Oh I have If I Were You. Will have to read that one first.

    I think you have gotten some good books. I'm behind on the Jeaniene Frost books. :( Must catch up!

  4. Oh wow, there is a new Elle Aycart! I didn't know! I've read More Than meets Ink because of your review, Lesley, and really enjoyed it. Hope I'll be able to read this one soon as well.
    Also, I'm keeping fingers crossed for your team to win. And when in London you must go to Forbidden Planet (it's just next to Covent Garden) - I adore that book shop, can browse it for hours...


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