Monday, 1 April 2013

April's new releases I want to "add to basket"

April looks to be another great month for new books. I read and loved Hot Blooded so I need a copy for my bookshelf. I also enjoyed Thrill Ride and Lush and happen to have Wicked As She Wants on my kindle waiting to be read. I can't however, quite decide what I'm more desperate to read, Own the Wind or Walking Disaster? Arrgghh decisions, decisions.

Urban Fantasy

Contemporary romance

Travis's POV arrgghhhh!

New series alert!


  1. Wicked as She Wants was amazing, Lesley! :) Hope you read it soon!

  2. April's gonna be a mean month. LOL I have like 7 of those on my shopping list and another 4 or 5 too! It's such a great "awful" problem to have ;)

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