Saturday, 13 April 2013

New books and other stuff

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a good weekend.
Here's the books I got this week:
For review
Angelfall by Susan Ee
This arrived in a lovely purple package with a postcard and tied up in a silver ribbon from the publishers. I've actually already read it and it was actually one of my favourite books of last year (you can check out my review here). I'm so pleased a UK publisher has picked it up and I'm hoping the next book is out sooner now! 

From Netgalley

I picked up these 3 books in a moment of weakness, I just wanting some contemporary romance and got It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis (I love this series), Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck (I love Entangled's Brazen books) and Extreme Love by Abby Niles because it had a naked man chest on the cover (and everyone knows how much I love books with naked man chest).

I bought on kindle
Real by Katy Evans, which was an impulse buy.

I have a little giveaway up for a copy of Full Blooded and Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson.
Click here to enter.

I've been off work again this week with my daughters and have been very industrious indeed. I read quite a few books:

Extreme Love by Abby Niles it was ok-ish I suppose and Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey which was better.
I FINALLY finished City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, I've been listening to this for what seems like ages and got a bit impatient with the audio book (her mum woke up and I just had to know if they were brother and sister or not) so ended up reading it to finish it. I really enjoyed it, it's one of my series catch up reads so bonus points there for finally reading something that's been on my shelves for over two years!

I also read By a Thread by Jennifer Estep which was another one of my series catch up reads, I absolutely LOVED it and have the next two books in the series primed for reading next. I also finished Shadow's Claim by Kresley Cole which was also fantastic. I love Kresley Cole's books this was a new series but still had links to her old series, my review should be up shortly.
We visited Culzean Castle and Stirling Castle during the week. Scotland is chock-a-block full of castles and I'm determined to visit more of them this year.
These are some of my pictures (I love taking pictures of buildings).
 This is Culzean Castle in Ayrshire, it dates back to 1569.
 It has the most gorgeous sea view and was well used by smugglers back in the day
 The grounds are pretty spectacular too.
 The entrance archway is gorgeous.
 This is Stirling Castle which dates back to 1110. Kings and Queens of Scotland were crowned here including Mary Queen of Scots (the one who got her head chopped off!)
 The View from the castle was beautiful
There's tonnes to do in the Castle we sat on the throne in the Great Hall, Erin dressed up as a Queen and we visited the dungeons and the rather amazing military museum.
On top of this I also painted my 2 bathrooms and my hall! Not a bad week really.


  1. Wow - looks like you were pretty lucky with the weather this week as well - we've only ever had a couple of hours of sun down south! :-)
    I've been wondering if I should read Angelfall for a while and I like the fact that a publisher has picked it up..I will have to look out for it! :-)

  2. Oh I got Angelfall aswell sounds good. :)

    I am so jealous. I've been stuck working the easter holidays. Going to get a 2 week holiday in the summer and take Aiden on day trips. He would love that castle. :)

  3. Love the castles, Lesley! Looks like you had great sunny weather too :) I am intrigued by Extreme Love and looking forward to your thoughts on it. Lovely haul this week, darling!

  4. I just love Scotland!! I was there only one day since we were all over the UK, but we did go to the Ediburgh Castle which was awesome!! There is so much history and its gorgeous there even if its cold this time of year. Hope you are enjoying your time there. Love the pictures--they are breathtaking.

  5. Wow you really had a week!! What gorgeous photos. So jealous.

    And omg you made me break my no netgalley rule. I've been avoiding them like crazy until I catch up but the Jill Shalvis one. Couldn't resist! Already have it downloaded. lol

    Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

    herding cats & burning soup


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