Saturday, 6 April 2013

New books and what's on my TBR this week

Hey everyone hope you've had a good week. I've been off work as it's the school holidays in Scotland so I've been able to read a lot more than usual. I did have to go to London on Thursday for a work thingy but we had some free time in the afternoon so we hopped on the tourist bus and saw the sights. Despite the fact it was snowing we bravely sat on the top deck of the open top bus and I can honestly say I have NEVER been so bloody freezing in my entire life. My lips were blue (seriously they were!) and I managed to miss Downing Street because I don't know my left from my right and was looking in the wrong direction.
Here's the books I got this week:
I bought
 Love Irresistibly by Julie James, Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Rising Darkness by Thea Harrison. I had all three on pre-order for much cheapness. I love trawling through The Book Depository and finding those £3.74 books.
I also bought on kindle
Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley.
It was fab, I love her biker bad boys they are fab.
I did read tonnes of books this week but I'm seriously slacking when it comes to the book challenges I set myself at the beginning of the year to clear my shelf and my kindle. Woops, will try harder. 


 Night Blade by J.C. Daniels (aka Shiloh Walker) destroyed me, if you haven't read this series you are really missing out, it is out of this world fantastic but have hankies at the ready. You can check out my review here. I just finished Inked Ever After by Elle Aycart it was also fantastic and yes I cried again but in a happy way. My review will be up soonish.
I love Entangled Publishing's contemporary romances you can check out my review of Rules of Entanglement here. I thought Chasing Mrs Right and Against the Wall were okish. I don't know if it was because I had just finished Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley which was really good and full of biker bad boys and biker chicks and their never ending drama. That might be why they kind of paled in comparison. I also finished Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh which is a collection of Psy-Changeling stories. Nalini Singh can do no wrong, even her short stories have depth in particular I loved "Declaration of Courtship" which was the third story and worth the price of the book alone.

 This week I'm planning to read Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones and either Shadow's Claim by Kresley Cole or Embrace Me At Dawn by Shayla Black. I'm off work for another week so I hope to get lots of reading done and I might visit Stirling Castle with the kids and do some DIY if I can be bothered!
Have a great week everybody.


  1. I really hope to visit London someday! Hope you enjoy all your new books. I also am having a bit of trouble clearing my shelf of books I've already bought before I buy more... and the cheap e-books are just too tempting to resist!

  2. Thursday was SO cold down here! I think you were brave to sit on the top deck of the bus! I am jealous you managed to fit in so much reading this week though - there never seems to be enough hours in the day for me to do all the reading I want too. :-)

    1. I know Mel, I was freezing and it was quite sunny in Glasgow too. When I had to get up to get off the bus my feet wouldn't work!!

  3. Oh many new books to me. I really need to try blade song, this book sounds so good. Happy reading!

  4. Yay, I'm glad you had a fantastic reading week despite freezing in London, Lesley! ;) I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Inked Ever After and Night Blade, and am immensely jealous that you have Rising Darkness! Can't wait to read it! :) Enjoy all your books, sweetie!


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