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Review: Rules of Entanglement by Gina L. Maxwell

Rules of Entanglement
Fighting for Love #2
Gina L. Maxwell
Publication date: 31st March 2013

At first glance laid back surfer and MMA fighter Jackson "Jax" Maris breaks all of Vanessa "Nessa" MacGregor's strict rules and is exactly the kind of man she should avoid like the plague. Nessa likes to be in control and lives her life according to her "Lucky 7" rules: never take your responsibilities lightly, never indulge in the poison of lies, never let a fling last more than three days, never date a man who chooses fists over words, never date a man who lacks a stable future, never relinquish control and the biggie never fall in love.

When Jax turns up late to pick Nessa up from the airport to take her to the uber posh resort his sister Lucie and ex MMA fighter Reid are due to wed in only four days time, he finds a rather pissed off, stubborn red head waiting for him. To Nessa he's already broken the never take your responsibilities lightly rule and with one look at his surfer dude wardrobe he's clearly a man who lacks a stable future so that's two rules crossed off almost immediately. Jax however, is ever so slightly intrigued by her stubbornness and fiery temper and breaks rule number six by telling a little white lie to ensure Nessa spends the next few days with him.

With Nessa agreeing to a sexually charged holiday fling Jax only has three days to convince Nessa he's worth breaking the rules for in this hot little Hawaiian romance.

I really enjoyed Rules of Engagement it was fast, funny and more than a little bit steamy. Initially I thought their story was going to be an opposite attracts battle of wills as he's really laid back and she's pretty stubborn and a just a tiny little bit high maintenance. However, as the story develops it's clear Nessa has her rules for a reason and firmly believes her need for control protects her from further heartache. Although Nessa believes Jax's natural settings are "charm and flirt" he's far from being a slacker. Jax is disciplined, tough and protective but he has his work cut out for him to convince set in her ways Nessa to relinquish control and let him take over and trust that he won't ever take advantage of her.

With great characters (Jax is seriously to die for ladies!) and some hilarious dialogue Jax and Nessa's romance is both sweet and deliciously hot, oh and the cover is very yummy too! It gets a 4.5 out of 5 from me.

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My favourite scenes
  • The shower scene (you may require a cold shower yourself after reading it)
  • The waterfall scene *swoon*
  • Jax's version of the rules *double swoon* 

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  1. Aw yeah this one was great. I just finished it yesterday. I really wasn't sure about either of them at the beginning but they totally won me over. And I am so with you. His rules at the end melted me. Oh my goodness. Yeah he was a delicious hero. So glad you enjoyed it too!!



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