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After Fifty review: Inked Ever After by Elle Aycart and a giveaway

inked ever afterInked Ever After
Bowen Brothers #2.5
Elle Aycart
Publication date: 26th March 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

Ahhhhhhhh more quality time with Mr James Bowen my favourite alpha male hero, this makes me happy. If you haven't read More Than Meets the Ink the first of the Bowen Brothers series then you are seriously missing out (you can check out my review here). James got major swoonage points from me because his bedroom talk was scorching hot and although he was bossy he was also patient with his heroine Tate and had a heart of gold. I pictured him looking a bit like this with a smile that would make your ovaries explode. So, you can see why I was desperate to get my hands on this novella.

Quite simply, I loved it. There were a lot of sexy times in the beginning, which is fantastic of course but it was Tate that really affected me in Inked Ever After. She loves James and wants to marry him that is never in any doubt, but it's on big occasions such as the planning of their wedding that the sorrow just threatens to overcome her when she realises that her beloved Dad and brother Jonah are not alive to see her get married. It's always been hard for Tate living without them and she feels guilty when she's happy without them, it's almost as if she's never really finished grieving for them and sometimes that grief just wells up and results in private tears.

Instead of talking to James about it Tate bottles it all up and pretends she's ok. She really doesn't want to hurt him or for him to get the wrong idea. Tate has always been the one who has taken care of everyone else and I just got the feeling she didn't really know how to ask James for help. I cried buckets of tears (twice) along with Tate, it just really got to me and I felt her sorrow. To me, as a reader I love those perfect books where I connect emotionally with the characters, and I just felt for Tate even though I did have some moments where I really wanted her just to be honest with James.

Of course James (being pretty perfect in my eyes anyway!) knows what's going on, he understands her and knows she has to let him in. She doesn't want him to see this non-perfect side of her even though it's very clear he loves every part of her. His way of forcing the issue made my heart melt, his present to her was absolutely perfect but more than that he listened to her and yep, that had me crying again.

Overall, Inked Ever After has that perfect blend of hot sexy times, some funny moments, some touching moments and some very heart wrenching sad moments so I laughed and cried in abundance. I would also recommend reading the final "extra" epilogue which is the perfect ending to James and Tate's story you cannot miss it. Well worth a 5 out of 5 rating, I can't wait for what Elle Aycart has in store for younger brother Max and Tate's sister Elle and Jack.

Favourite quote:
"I love you. Taking care of you is not a bother, princess. It's my prerogative. I want you, forever. All of you. Yes, sometimes you make me spitting mad, and yes, you've given me headaches, and you'll probably give me many more, but I'll take all of them gladly for a chance to wake up with you every morning for the rest of my life. There is nothing about you I'd change. And as sure as fuck I don't regret you. I'm crazy in love with you Tate."

after fifty
After Fifty rating: 5 out of 5
More of alpha male James Bowen Thumbs up
Scorching hot scenes Thumbs up
Heart breaking moments that made me cry. Twice. Thumbs up
Hint of more Bowen brothers Thumbs up

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  1. If I have fallen in love with certain characters I love to read about them again after their HEA.

  2. I don't like catching up with characters after their HEA. It is enough for me to know that all went well.

  3. Yes, as long as there are no more problems. They don't need more problems :)

  4. Yes I do!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. I definitely like an epilogue. I want to see the HEA.

  6. Can't wait to read this one! Love those alpha males.

  7. I love being able to catch up with favorite characters after their HEA ending. Probably why I really love series, previous characters can make appearances, you can find out what happens after the end of their books, etc.

  8. i like HEA and after HEA as long as they still happy and no more problems...

  9. Yes! I love to catch up with's one of the reasons I am a series junky!

  10. Always, love a hot hunky alpha ongoing storyline. Thanks for a chance to try to win.

  11. Yes! I'm always curious about what happens after.

  12. I love finding out what happens with characters after their HEA.


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