Thursday, 2 May 2013

End of term book report- 2013 Challenges (lack of) progress so far

As we're now a quarter of the way through 2013 I thought I would have a look at the progress (or lack of progress as the case may be) I've made with the reading challenges I set myself in January.
In 2012 I signed up for 33 trillion challenges and failed every single last one of them. So this year I thought I would be super smart and set my own challenges to clear my shelves and kindle of all of the books I bought in 2012 but hadn't read yet. I even set up little lists on Goodreads to help me. This would of course make it waaaaay easier to keep up with and would allow me to finish the year with a non existent TBR pile. Yeah right, deluded much?
So what have I managed so far? Ermmm not hellish much really... 


Clear my Kindle Challenge

Goal: Read 25 ebooks currently on my Kindle.

Status update: I've read 11 of the 25. Pretty good going or what? I'm nearly half way through my list. Bonus points for me. (I have however added another 33 trillion books to my kindle in replacement but we'll just ignore that fact.)

Catch up on my favourite series Challenge

Goal: Read 30 "next in series" books.

Status update: I've read 9 of the 30. Not too bad. I have however, managed to add another 3 books to my list and I don't even remember doing it. This alarms me slightly, why on earth am I making it harder for myself???

Clear my shelf Challenge

Goal: Read 27 of my 2012 books that I haven't even looked at since I got them.

Status update: I've read 2 of the 27. Eeeeeek EPIC FAIL I even moved them all to a nice shelf that I walk past 33 trillion times a day. MUST TRY HARDER.

Clear my YA shelf Challenge

Goal: Read 11 YA books that have been sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

Status update: I've read errrrrmmm 1 of the 11 *ashamed face*. EPIC, EPIC, EPIC FAIL. And to make matters worse I can't find two of them!! I really need to firstly look for the missing books and secondly start READING THEM. How can I fail at my own challenges??????

Plan of action
  1. Find missing two YA books.
  2. Start reading said books.
  3. Stop adding books to my already overcrowded lists.
  4. Stop signing self up for challenges that I'm destined to fail. 
How are you getting on with your challenges? Please note if you're doing exceptionally well I don't want to know. Kidding!


  1. Oh, I have far more book on my shelves than I did at the start of the year despite reading a few. I have so many books that have been on my TBR pile for so long, its ridiculous! There are some that I don't even remember why or when I bought them!! But good luck on trying to increase the numbers on your challenges!

  2. PS I spotted The Fault In Our Stars in you YA pile...I really recommend you try that soon. I LOVED it! :-)

  3. Thanks for posting this.This is awesome!!


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