Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May’s new releases I want to “add to basket”

For the first month EVER there's only a small handful of books that I'm eager to read. Shocker I know. But hey, I've got one or two (hundred maybe) books to read anyway so I think I'll manage.
Contemporary romance

 Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance

 Is anyone still reading this series?
I have to admit I've never read any of the Sookie Stackhouse books despite the fact that I love watching True Blood (well okay, I maybe really just love watching Eric and Alcide) so I wasn't too fussed that the final book is out. I do think it sucks that a disgruntled "fan" spoiled the ending for everyone else though. Seriously, that individual should be ashamed and should face a long time out on the naughty step.


  1. I still read the Sookie series but I've always waited for the paperback to come out. It's a nice enough series but lacks some of the fire of Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs. Still I will read it to see how it ends - I've avoided the spoilers so far, but it sucks that o person ruins it for so many.

  2. Oh yes. I have Jill's book on my shopping list too. That's one of my favorite series :)

    Ahhh it does suck that someone ruined the ending but you know now that I found out how it ends it saved me a bit of $ since I won't be buying it any time soon. So not how I saw things going down with the series and wasn't too happy about it. But yeah I do still think they should completely ashamed and definitely the naughty step and a good time out. Can't believe someone would do something like that.

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  3. I'll be reading the last Sookie, Lesley! I've been a loyal fan for a long time and while I evolved along with UF evolving as a genre I still remember where I've started and how much I used to enjoy this series. So with you on Eric (my absolute favorite on and off screen)!
    By the way, Heart of Iron was delicious :)


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