Monday, 6 May 2013

Review: Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

being meBeing Me
Inside out Trilogy #2
Lisa Renee Jones
Publication date: 11th June 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

I love when a second book turns everything on its head and makes me change how I feel about the central characters. Being Me did just that and more.

In Lisa Renee Jones's first instalment If I Were You, I was pretty suspicious of Chris the talented and rich artist's real motives and wasn't entirely ok with his intense relationship with heroine Sara whereas I secretly liked ok, I'll admit it, I secretly drooled over Mark, Sara's dark and brooding alpha male boss. With the seriously clever character development in the second instalment Being Me I changed my mind more than once about the main characters. I found myself finally warming to Chris, I saw a strength in Sara that I hadn't seen before and found myself intensely disliking Mark one minute, and feeling heart sorry for him the next minute. Being Me really is that kind of thrilling and compelling rollercoster of a book.

From the outset I was right back in with the "where is Rebecca and who exactly is her master?" mystery as Sara continues her search for the elusive journal author. The tension right from the first chapter had me desperate to jump straight to the final chapter. I practically had to sit on my hands to ensure I didn't ruin it for myself as I knew I would regret it later. There's something about this trilogy's clever and twisty plot and mounting tension that has me a little bit too eager to get to the end. I really wanted to savour the story but I just couldn't, I ended up devouring it.

Let me tell you, Being Me completely and utterly threw me for six and I loved every minute of the revelations and surprises. Questions are answered about the mysterious Rebecca that I assumed would be part of the final reveal at the end of the trilogy. This really genuinely surprised me, however, I was still left with the feeling that it's not really the end of the Rebecca mystery. I may be completely off track here, who knows.

I loved the very different kind of love triangle between Sara and Chris and Mark. They all have their secrets and as the story unfolds we get to understand more about them as we learn about their past. I finished Being Me believing that Sara is a much stronger woman than I previously thought, and saw a much darker and intriguing side of both Chris and Mark. Although it was Chris's story that left me with my jaw on the floor it is Mark that I really want more of, he's always intense, domineering and unyielding and yet there was a glimpse of vulnerability that just completely intrigued me.

Well worth a 5 out of 5 rating Being Me was outstandingly good and I'm already counting down the weeks to the final part of the trilogy. You have GOT to read it.

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  1. good review!!! I might add it to my weekend list!

  2. Great review. I adored it too!

  3. Great review!! I'm counting down the days until it's finally released!!


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