Thursday, 23 May 2013

Review: Tangled by Emma Chase

Emma Chase
Publication date: 20th May 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

"Don't put off till tomorrow anyone you could be doing today"

Everyone, I want to introduce you to my brand new book boyfriend. His name is Drew Evans and he's a successful, confident, good looking ladies man with a killer smile. You're going to love him!

I saw a couple of 5 star reviews of Tangled by Emma Chase on Goodreads that proclaimed Drew to be a hilarious, adorable man-whore so I rushed straight off to Amazon to buy it, and let me tell you, it was worth every single penny!

Told from Drew's POV Tangled had me laughing, blushing and drooling in equal measure. Drew is definitely 100% a man-whore but I fell in love with him anyway. A successful businessman he works hard during the week and by the weekend he is unashamedly on the look out for a hook up with a "random" and wants nothing more. He doesn't do relationships and isn't looking for love, that is until he meets Kate Brooks the already engaged woman who turns him down. Out celebrating her new job Kate doesn't fall at Drew's feet like most women and when she starts work at Drew's father's business Drew is completely knocked for six.

"Katherine Brooks.
The girl from the bar. The girl who I let get away.
And she works here. In my office, where I have sworn to never...ever...screw around. Her warm, soft hand slides perfectly into mine, and two thoughts enter my head simultaneously.
The first is: God hates me. The second is: I have been a naughty, naughty boy for most of my life, and this is my payback. And you know what they say about payback, right?
Yep, She's one hairy bitch."

I liked Kate she's smart, creative, determined and takes no shit from Drew. As they go head to head to get the chance to pitch to rich client their dirty and juvenile tricks had me laughing. Tangled is very much Drew's book though. His lady killer one liners and love of innuendo had me rolling my eyes and giggling but it's the internal and very alpha male dialogue in his head that stole the show for me. It was the sarcastic, hilarious and honest male voice that I've always wanted an insight and was just so completely spot on. I genuinely think Emma Chase must have been a guy in a previous life!

"Now, I know some women have issues with their bodies. Maybe you've got a little extra junk in the trunk? Get over it. Doesn't matter. Naked kicks Modest's ass every single time. Men are visual. We wouldn't be fucking you if we didn't want to look at you.
You can write that down if you like."

I loved Drew, he's used to getting exactly what he wants and fully admits that he is an arrogant, selfish and spoiled prince so seeing him tying himself up in knots over a woman that isn't immediately prepared to worship him was entertaining and hilarious. Drew and Kate's love-hate relationship builds up perfectly as Drew falls completely for Kate and Kate tries to ignore her growing attraction to Drew. You just know their feelings for each other are going to explode and when it did it was sooooo good. But can a man-whore ever really change? Is it love Drew is feeling or is it merely man flu? You need to read it to find out. I guarantee you will enjoy it. I devoured it. Great story, great characters and one hell of a fantastic debut from Emma Chase.

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