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Review: It Had to be You by Jill Shalvis

15842374It Had to Be You
Lucky Harbour #7
Jill Shalvis
Publication date: 28th May 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

I do love Jill Shalvis ' Lucky Harbour series, her brand of hero is always yummy and alpha male-ish but grounded in reality and I always think I'd be quite happy to befriend her heroines. I know that when I start reading a Lucky Harbour book I'm going to enjoy a few hours of escapist fun with a few laughs and tears thrown in for good measure.

Ali Winters is a sweet and caring florist, who has just been dumped by her arse of a boyfriend Teddy who has been having it off with at least two other female Lucky Harbour residents. Teddy viewed Ali as a "flatmate" but didn't exactly have the courtesy to tell her this directly. As a result, not only is Ali newly single she's also potentially homeless as she had been staying with Teddy at the place he was renting from Luke Hanover.

Luke is a workaholic cop, based in San Francisco he hasn't been back to his home town Lucky Harbour since his grandmother passed away. Luke's pretty much a closed book, a little bit surly and is being hounded by the press for a case that went dramatically wrong. Luke arrives in Lucky Harbour wanting a bit of solitude but finds a near naked Ali in his house who seems to have got herself in a load of trouble. When Teddy accuses Ali of stealing $50,000 from his office Luke finds himself staying to help damsel in distress Ali clear her name whilst she keeps the constant phone calls from the press away from him.

I liked Ali a lot, although the Lucky Harbour townsfolk did like her she faced a judgemental and hurtful air of suspicion but was brave enough to carry on in spite of it. I really warmed to her when she gave Luke what for, it was almost a man up speech and by then I was firmly in her corner rooting for her. The chemistry between Ali and Luke was a bit of a slow burner for me, I think as Luke was such a closed book it took me a while to grow to like the "local investigator and stud muffin." Give him his due though he was honest with Ali and told her that although he enjoyed her company it wasn't going to lead to a trip down the aisle or them "getting old and sharing dentures." Despite pushing her away he did stay to help her and that made him a hero in my eyes.

It Had to be You was definitely enjoyable and although it wasn't my favourite of the series, it is well worth a read.

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