Monday, 10 June 2013

Review: Playing the Part by Robin Covington

17884761Playing the Part
Robin Covington
Publication date: 10th June 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

I fell a little bit in love with Mick Blackwell whilst reading Playing the Part by Robin Covington, so much so I'm thinking of adding him to my very exclusive book boyfriends list. He. Was. Sooooo. Yummy.

Hollywood hot shot Mick's newest film Regan's Gift should send him even further into the superstar stratosphere. Mick fought hard for the dramatic role but the studio think he isn't quite nailing the part, more used to big action scenes, Mick is completely failing in the emotionally charged love scenes. As a love em' and leave em' type he doesn't have any experience of being in love to draw from so the studio brings in Reagan's Gift author Piper James to help him connect with his character.

Piper James used to be one-half of the entertainment industry's biggest power couple, that was until Piper fiancé cheated on her and she had a very public freak out. With her reputation as a woman scorned Piper's publishers have given her one last chance to redeem herself by helping Mick connect with his role.

Mick and Piper's chemistry was off the charts fantastic. Piper is well aware of Mick womanising reputation and despite her friend and agent warning her off him Piper can't help but be attracted to the bad boy of Hollywood. Telling herself it will just be sex with no emotional ties and insists that although she will sleep with him until he leaves she wants no press or publicity. For Mick, Piper is completely different from the stick thin actresses he's used to. Very much attracted to her naughty librarian look, intelligence and feisty attitude Mick who has lived his life in the spotlight agrees to Piper's terms to get her into his bed and keep her there.

I liked Mick right from the beginning, he has the gift of the gab, uses every line under the sun and does it all with a sexy smile and a twinkle in his eye. With an Oscar winning actor as a Dad Mick is out to prove that he can be more than an "action" actor. Piper too has a lot to prove, her academic parents weren't exactly thrilled when she became a romance author and her public reputation has taken a battering which has affected her ability to produce the next big romance book her publisher has already given her an advance for. I loved seeing all of the different elements of Piper's character, she's wounded and vulnerable from her public break up and melt down, mistrustful of men in general but still recognises that she's never going to want that down to earth safe kind of guy. Always attracted to the bad boys Mick is exactly what Piper wants and shouldn't want. As Mick and Piper connect bringing Piper's book to life their professional careers are boosted by their resulting fling but the constant intrusion of the press threatens their relationship even before it has really begun.

Overall, I really enjoyed Playing the Part, the smexy scenes were super hot and passionate and like Piper I was unable to resist falling for Mick. I have to give a special mention to their beach scene phew! it was goooooood, watch out for that one!! I devoured Playing the Part in a few short hours and finished it with a giant very satisfied grin on my face.

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