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Early Review: An Endless Summer by C.J. Duggan

An Endless Summer
Summer #2
C.J. Duggan
Publication date: 17th July 2013

Getting drunk and diving into the water in your knickers was never really going to be a good idea especially when your main motive was to catch the eye of one of the Onslow boys (for your friend of course). So when Onslow boy Sean Murphy rescues Amy Henderson from drowning in her knickers Amy's parents pack her off to boarding school as punishment for her reckless behaviour.

Amy hasn't been back to Onslow since that embarrassing night three years ago but finds on her return that things at the Onslow Hotel have really changed. As the publican's daughter Amy grew up in the hotel but in the time she was away at boarding school and living in the city with her Mum her Dad has let the Onslow go to rack and ruin. Leaving abruptly to save his marriage Amy's Dad left the Onslow in the very incapable hands of barman Matt who has been busy helping himself to the meagre takings. The place looks like it should be condemned and it's going to take more than just a lick of paint to get the Onslow looking good again.

Whilst her parents are enjoying a mid life crisis sort of second honeymoon they believe their princessey daughter is lazing about working on her tan. In reality Amy is determined to bring the Onslow back to its former glory and finally convince her Dad that the hotel shouldn't be sold off to the highest bidder.

To help her in this somewhat enormous task Amy needs to clean, tend the bar, sack the barman and find new bar staff (in the first week!) she also needs to reluctantly turn to Sean Murphy for some DIY assistance. For a girl who is ultimately pretty stubborn and proud, asking and receiving help doesn't exactly come naturally to her.

In the three years since he rescued Amy, Sean has become a successful tradesman building a multi million dollar school so he's also just arrived back in Onslow. He's now so successful that he's bought himself a old lake house in cash and finds himself to be the preferred fantasy of the housewives of Onslow. As Sean and Amy work together to bring the Onslow back from the brink romance is certainly in the air and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS.

You know, I thought my heart would always remain true to my first Onslow boy Toby Morrison from The Boys of Summer, but OH. MY. GOODNESS. how fickle am I? I've found myself moving on and falling for DIY-tastic Sean now! Not only is he gorgeous with an smug little smile and a chiselled stomach he has a huge... LAKESIDE HOME! Not that I'm materialistic or anything but LAKESIDE HOME!!! And, don't forget he's good with his hands (ahem) and can fix stuff. Sign me up for the Sean Murphy fan club pronto. As the gossipy Onslow housewives said Sean can "leave his drill piece under my pillow any day of the week" and yes, I'd quite like Sean to walk me to my bedroom too. C.J.'s ability to create these yummy, drool worthy Aussie book boyfriends astounds me. This is a talent that should be fully recognised by all although I do think it would be wise for her to hone her talent further on Amy's older cousin Chris in the next book (just saying!).

I have to say I did really love Amy too, I couldn't help but cheer her on. Her parents were a little bit judgemental she's almost viewed by them as a reformed party girl with a lazy streak. So yeah, I really felt for her as she battled to bring the Onslow Hotel, a place that is honestly really important to both her and the wider community back to life. Amy's not afraid of a bit of hard work and I loved her for it. Seeing her friends and former colleagues rally round to help her warmed my little heart immensely and made the town of Onslow really come alive for me.

I loved An Endless Summer it was "fracking" amazing (I had to get that little Amy-ism in there somewhere). Sharp, witty and romantic it will tug at your heartstrings and is the perfect kind of Summery read. Pure Gold.

** When you buy An Endless Summer (you know you want to, right?) have a look at the acknowledgement, it makes me bubble every time I see it. Just to explain C.J. was my first blogging pal and we bonded over book boyfriends and she fed my love of Aussie YA. After loving her debut novel The Boys of Summer so much I became its UK book pimp hence the acknowledgement. I was mega touched when I read it and I may have actually read it out to practically everyone I know. So thanks again C.J. you touched my heart and made me cry like a baby.**

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