Thursday, 11 July 2013

Early Review: Never Deal With Dragons by Lorenda Christensen

Never Deal With Dragons
Lorenda Christensen
Publication date: 22nd July 2013

Fantastic new series alert! Fans of paranormal romance should put down whatever they are reading and reshuffle those TBR piles, because you will not want to miss this fantastic brand new series from Lorenda Christensen.

Myrna Banks had a promising career at DRACIM (Dragon Relations, Arbitration and Cooperative Interspecies Mediation) with her specialised training, extensive knowledge of dragon history and politics she was on the fast-track to becoming the lead arbitrator of the US Reperations department. That is until her boyfriend Trian Chobardan disappeared after stealing Myrna's sensitive DRACIM paperwork. Myrna not only found herself broken hearted and alone she was also demoted to the lowly position of administrative assistant and became the general dogsbody of Emory Glask the most work shy and god awful boss imaginable.

I loved Never Deal with Dragon's imaginative world building. Sometimes I find the first book in a new series can quickly become a tad boring bogged down with detail when the who, why and whatever of the new world is explained often at great length, thankfully it's not the case here. Let me lay it out for you- Dragons were mistakenly created by humans when a doctor in a bid to cure cancer mixed up human DNA with reptile DNA, the forgotten test tubes were tossed into an incinerator and after a three year incubation period seven dragons were born. In the ten years it took humans to find out about the existence of dragons the original seven had been breeding and their numbers now reached the thousands. These dragons are smart and completely unstoppable which meant that humans were no longer at the top of the food chain, it's the dragons who now rule the world.

A select number of humans managed to work out what all of the dragon snorts, huffs and smoke streams actually meant and they become known as dragonspeakers. It was only when the first dragonspeaker Joseph Green was able to negotiate with the dragons that an all out war between dragons and humans was averted. Joseph Green then set up the offices of DRACIM in locations around the world where the seven original dragons and their clans had settled. Our heroine Myrna is one of the dragonspeakers in Tulsa the US office.

It's whilst in the middle of settling a dispute by a local farmer who has lost his beloved pet cow Annabelle to a pregnant, temperamental and slightly peckish dragoness that Myrna covered in dripping cow guts finds her Trian has walked back into her life. Trian needs the assistance of DRACIM and in particular Myrna to negotiate between his boss the reigning US Dragonlord Lord Relobu and the unstable and dangerous Chinese Dragonlord Hian-puo who has taken a team of Lord Relobu's men and dragons hostage.

I liked Myrna right from the start, forced to put up with her dogsbody role in DRACIM her love of dragons and sense of humour shines throughout. Myrna is clearly capable of much more she singlehandedly runs the whole department but gets none of the glory and has to put up with a boss that would drive the most patient person insane. Myrna is not only forced to negotiate, bluff and dodge death in her dealings with the Chinese dragons she also has to work with her very secretive but fascinating ex-boyfriend to avert another full out dragon vs. human war. The tension between Myrna and Trian was well played throughout, although I knew there was more to Trian than just being the US Dragonlord's master spy I was kept guessing and the little twists in the tale certainly took me by surprise.
The minute I finished Never Deal with Dragons I was right on the interwebz to find out if this was the first part in a series, it has so much potential and I would definitely reshuffle my enormous TBR pile to read the next episode. And yay! Lorenda Christensen confirmed on Facebook that Never Deal with Dragons is indeed the first in a three part series and the second book Dodging the Dragons will be Carol's (Myrna's pal) story due out sometime next year. Write faster Lorenda you've got yourself a new fan!

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