Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley

17257990Fire Inside
Chaos #2
Kristen Ashley
Publication date: 4th June 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

I was quite surprised when I saw that Hop and Lanie were going to be the main characters in Fire Inside the second book in Kristen Ashley's Chaos series. I don't remember much of them from Own the Wind and my main impression of Lanie was not exactly a favourable one. From what I remember she was a drama queen and a bit self centred and therefore not my type of heroine. So I was completely taken by surprise when I ended up not just liking her but being firmly in the "I love Lanie" squad.

After losing her fiancé and putting her BFF Tyra's life at risk in the process Lanie Heron doesn't want to get into another complicated and disastrous relationship so proposes a no strings attached one off night of passion with Hop Kincaid biker brother of Chaos Motorcycle club. Of course one night isn't going to be enough for either of them but with Lanie's emotional baggage and guilt over the events of seven years ago their relationship is never going to be just plain sailing.

As expected with a Kristen Ashley book (I do agree her books are as addictive as crack) their opposite attracts storyline is completely unputdownable. Although Hop believes Lanie is probably too classy for him he's determined to break down all of her barriers and show her that they would be good together. I loved Hop. He's a badass biker with an epic moustache, he's bossy and comes out with heart meltingly brilliant lines such as this *le sigh*

"... (he) used you as a shield... No way would I let you put yourself in the path of anything for me.. You'll learn to trust me, the brothers, Tack. I don't use you as a shield. I am the goddamn shield."

I'm so glad Kristen Ashley decided to write this spin off series in the world of Chaos not only do I love the extra glimpses of Tack and Tyra (I can't stand the whole Ty-Ty thing though it really grates on my last nerve) but I'm loving these moustache-tastic badass bikers too.


  1. God, this sound so good, Lesley! You are not the first one saying that Ashley's series is addictive! I must read it! :)

  2. I loved this one! And I don't like the Ty-Ty stuff either.


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