Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review: Flirting with Disaster by Ruthie Knox

Flirting With Disaster
Camelot #3
Ruthie Knox
Publication date: 10th June 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

Sean Owens is back in Camelot to pack up his mother's house after she passed away. Although Sean the ex-hacker geek now owns his own Internet security company in California growing up in the town of Camelot he had a severe stutter which his mother refused to get him help with and as a result he became shy and withdrawn. After seeking out a speech therapist in California Sean's stutter is so well controlled that his business partner and employees don't even know that he even had a stutter.

Packing up his mother's house should be relatively easy but faced with the shrine his slightly controlling (and creepy) mother had of him brings back painful memories of his childhood and results in Sean finding it more difficult to move on and leave Camelot.

Katie Clark's husband emptied their joint bank account and left her high and dry in Alaska. Katie finds herself back in Camelot reassessing her life and working in her brother Caleb's security firm. Determined to do well, Katie wants more than just an office job, she wants live out in the field security work so takes a job working for a famous musician who has been receiving threatening messages. Caleb assigns his friend Sean to work with Katie to investigate who is behind the threats.

What Katie doesn't know is that Sean had a huge crush on Katie at school. And even as an adult, being near Katie makes Sean stutter again. Sean has to try not to speak to Katie when initially working with her, however, Katie who's naturally bubbly, talkative and always wanting to help others isn't going to be put off by Sean's Mr broody and quiet routine.

Honestly, Ruthie Knox hasn't written a hero and heroine that I haven't immediately loved to bits, her characters are always relatable, slightly flawed but completely intriguing. Despite the obvious attraction between Sean and Katie he does initially try to keep his distance, ultimately he's a gentleman in that he knows he's going back to California and doesn't want to hurt Katie by getting involved. Obviously this doesn't long! Sean may be a gentleman but he's also as hot as hell, has studied a few erotic books and has developed his own special line in dirty talk! Only Ruthie Knox could create such a uniquely loveable kind of hero.

I loved how Katie dealt with the issue of Sean's stutter she doesn't get frustrated and doesn't draw attention to it she just accepts it as part of him and gets on with things. It's really not a deal breaker for her. As a couple Sean and Katie were so intriguing and just well... different. Post divorce Katie is trying to find out what direction to take her life, she wants Sean but knows he has issues to work out that will ultimately mean he will be leaving Camelot. Kate wants to help him with his issues even if it means he will leave her too.

As with all of Ruthie's books I read Flirting With Disaster really quickly, I couldn't get enough, there's romance, humour and a very hot and inventive scene in a car stuck in a snowdrift (that was certainly a highlight!). Ruthie Knox continues to be my favourite contemporary romance author her Camelot series is an absolute must read.



  1. I really need to break down and read her soon. He sounds like a really great hero. I love when authors do things just a little different and unique and it sounds like she really did a great job with him. And the car scene. I do believe I need to know more. lol

    Great review!
    herding cats & burning soup

  2. I do love this series. I liked Katie and Sean a lot. But the bookend novellas are my very favorites. Tony & Amber have that certain gravitas that draws me in. Love them!


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