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Review & Giveaway: Ghost Light by E.J. Stevens

Ghost Light
Ivy Granger #2
E.J. Stevens
Publication date: 9th July 2013

I loved Shadow Sight the first instalment in E.J. Steven's Ivy Granger series, I remember getting good book vibes right from the very first chapter so I was really looking forward to diving back into Ivy's world in Ghost Light. Even with a fantastic first book there's always a little part of me wondering if  the second book will meet my lofty expectations but I needn't have worried as Ghost Light was another 5 star read.

After saving Harborsmouth in Shadow Sight Ivy Granger's detective agency business is booming. With her psychometry gift Ivy only has to touch an item to receive powerful visions or events in the object and or person's history which of course comes in handy when searching for lost property or people. Therefore when a large number of fae children disappear in the middle of the night their worried parents turn to Ivy. Not only is Ivy in a race against time to track down and save the fae children she also has her new boyfriend Ceff the King of the Kelpies murderous ex-wife breathing down her neck.

I loved how E.J successfully wove the investigation of the disappearing children in with Ivy's developing relationship with Ceff. It would be impossible I think not to fall in love with Ceff, as the King of the Kelpies he has his own water based powers but he's also a supportive and patient boyfriend who always has Ivy's back. Too bad his ex-wife Melusine is a dangerous and crazy half woman half sea serpent murderer! The build up to the big showdown between Melusine and Ivy was tortuously good, Melusine seems to lurk in the shadows for the majority of Ghost Light she's the constant threat, the ticking time bomb you just know is going to explode at some point.

Ivy's character really develops in Ghost Light. She's still the smart and resourceful urban fantasy heroine but she's a smart and resourceful urban fantasy heroine who can kick some ass! She doesn't turn into superwoman overnight (which is good) but she's determined to hold her own and has been having kick ass lessons which come in very handy. What really intrigued me the most in Ghost Light was Ivy's investigation into her Wisp heritage. I don't want to give too much away, but her father the King of the Wisps is currently missing in action so Ivy has to step up and claim her Wisp Princess title. Learning more about her Wisp powers and the reasons behind her father's disappearance nicely sets up what I'm sure will be a very juicy story line in the next instalment as Ivy is determined to locate and save the father she knows very little about.

If you're a fan of Kim Harrison or Patrica Briggs kind of Urban Fantasy then you will love the Ivy Granger series. Go on give it a go!

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