Sunday, 11 August 2013

New books and other stuff

Hey! Here's the books I got over the last two weeks:

 For review
I love Amanda Carlson's Jessica McClain series so I did a giant happy dance when Amanda's publisher sent me Cold Blooded and as a member of her Street Team I've even got a name check in the acknowledgements!

 From Netgalley
I've been trying not to request too many books from Netgalley but I couldn't resist these three! I picked up Born Wild book 5 in Julie Ann Walker's Black Knights Inc. series, Drawn Together which is book 6 in Lauren Dane's The Brown Siblings series and Perfect Fling by Carly Philips.

I won
I won a copy of Love Me by Diane Alberts from the lovely Claire over at Claire's Book Corner, if you haven't checked out her blog the link is in the Blogs I Love list on the right.
I bought
I bought Wrong Ways Down by Stacia Kane which is Terrible's POV and as Downside Ghosts is one of my all time favourite series I'm ditching all books to read it! I also bought Biting Bad by Chloe Neill I've been following this series but didn't like the last book too much but early reviews I've read suggest this one is much better. I bought Magic Rises last week and devoured it super quickly it was OUTSTANDING you can check out my review here.
I picked up a couple of little kindle bargains too Pitch Perfect by Sierra Dean, The Loneliest Alpha by T.A. Grey and Moonlight by Lisa Kessler. 

I've been reading loads of fab dragon shifter books recently so I posted a list of my favourite dragon shifter books, click the yummy picture below to see the post.

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Wow - you have an copy of Cold Blooded! I'm so jealous!! :-)
    Plus Magic Rises is fantastic!! I finished it this week as well and am struggling to write my review as anything other than fantastic.. :-)

    1. I know it was AMAZING wasn't it? Ilona Andrews have done it again:)

  2. OMG Cold Blooded!!!!!! so jealous! can't wait for the review :D I got 4 of the 6 you bought too - great minds eh? Awesome book week though ;)

    1. Hehe we do do have very similar (and excellent) taste Mel.

  3. I've just finished Biting Bad. It is getting back on track and I enjoyed it. I've given it 4.5 stars so it is well worth reading Lesley.

    1. That makes me feel much better Claire I was ready to give up with the series!

  4. Magic Rises WAS absolutely outstanding. I'm staying away from urban fantasy right now because it made such a strong impression, Lesley! :) Woohoo for Cold Blooded! I bet it will be awesome, and I need to grab Pitch Perfect as well. Keep forgetting about it.


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