Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: Blood of the Pride by Sheryl Nantus

17405720Blood of the Pride
Blood of the Pride #1
Sheryl Nantus
Publication date: 13th February 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

This is a strange one for me, I listened to the audio book of Sheryl Nantus's Blood of the Pride rather than reading it as I normally would and I think the god awful narration has really affected my opinion of the book. Although the heroine Reb came across really well the narrator made the hero reporter Brandon came across as far too upbeat and beyond annoying, the pride alpha Jess sounded more like a posh granny than a powerful alpha and the narrators Irish accent for the doorman made me honestly laugh out loud it was the worst accent I have ever heard! I found it so off putting I really struggled with listening to this to the end.

That being said I quite enjoyed the story. Shifter Rebecca Desjardin's parents died when she was young leaving Reb unable to fully shift. As a result, Reb then finds herself being cruelly banished from the pride and ends up in foster care. Despite this, Reb survived on her own and now works as a private investigator in Toronto. When a photograph of a dead "cat woman" ends up in the local newspaper courtesy of local journalist Brandon Hanover, the pride call on Reb to investigate the murder of the pride member. Reb agrees to work with Brandon to track down the killer who has risked the secrecy of the pack.

I quite liked the fact that the pride wasn't the normal kind of "pack" seen in other shifter books. It wasn't quite the supportive tight knit family I expected instead the alpha and her pack are cold, hostile and judgemental, hell-bent on keeping their existence a secret at all costs. Pack justice is equally cold and deadly as Reb discovered as a teenager so it was easy to cheer and support Reb as she was forced to deal with the pack politics again. Although I would only give Blood of the Pride 3 out of 5 I am intrigued enough to want to carry on with the series but I'll definitely read the next instalment rather than listen to the audio book.


  1. I find listening to books isn't as good as reading them. My mind tends to drift whilst listening. Seems an interesting book though.

    1. I'm the same Claire, I read much faster and I almost want to speed them up!


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