Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Review: Luck of the Dragon by Susannah Scott

17857525Luck of the Dragon
Susannah Scott
Publication date: 24th June 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

Luciana De Luca Ph.D is a world renowned gemologist and will do anything to help her brother Joey out of trouble which is why she finds herself in killer heels and a come and get me dress to attract the attention of of Alec Gerald the good looking but ruthless owner of Crown Jewel Casino on it's opening night. Forced into trying to steal the keycard to Alec's priceless exhibits Lucy has no idea that Alec is not only the King of the Dragons, he also suspects that Lucy is his one and only fated mate and he knows that she's trying to steal from him.

To allow her to escape all Lucy has to do is let Alec kiss her, just once and then she will be free to leave and will finally be able to save her brother and get him out of town. Lucy figures it's only one kiss but that one kiss confirms for Alec that she is indeed his fated mate. All dragon shifters are in a race against time to find their mate and even as the current King of the Dragons Alec's dragon is fading and only the mating ceremony will revive his dragon. Alec knows that Lucy a renowned jewel expert wouldn't risk everything to steal from unless she was in some kind of real trouble and he is determined to help her and claim her as his mate.

I do love a good dragon shifter romance and I really enjoyed Susannah Scott's debut Luck of the Dragon. Lucy is obviously an expert in her field and therefore a smart woman but she's hell-bent on saving the hide of her no-hoper brother Joey time and time again. She has a sexy and powerful dragon wanting to both help her and adore her (can you tell I fell a little bit in love with Alec?) but Lucy insists on making pretty stupid decisions and betrays Alec because of her loyalties to her brother. She's almost a complete push over when it comes to her brother and is unable to let him find his own way out of the mess he creates. It was so frustrating, I loved it!

Overall, I really enjoyed this new paranormal romance. The chemistry between Lucy and Alec was fantastic and their romance wasn't overtly smexy more kind of suggestive which I also quite liked. With tonnes of potential for further books in the series I'm hoping we get more of Mei and Darius next, usually fated mates immediately end up together don't they? Not so Mei and Darius, I'm definitely intrigued!

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