Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: MacRieve by Kresley Cole

Immortals After Dark #13
Kresley Cole
Publication date: 2nd July 2013
Reviewed by Lesley

I love Kresley Cole's books and have a full shelf of her Immortals After Dark series but even as a fan I thought there was something extra special about MacRieve.

The first half of MacRieve saw the usual fated bride/mate, that insta-love I always expect from the IAD series, but it was the second half of the book that really grabbed my attention because MacRieve's history is just that little bit different and a whole lot of heartbreaking.

Basically MacRieve as a young boy he was sexually abused by a Succubus, because he was so young he was powerless against her as she fed off him, with her claws fully in him not seeing her was physically painful for him. When his parents found out his mother was killed in the confrontation and one day later his father joined her as he couldn't live without his mate. Uilleam MacRieve blames himself and has never been able to forgive himself and hundreds of years later his hatred of all Succubus still burns bright.

Chloe Todd is a talented female footballer heading for the Olympics she's determined and feisty but she's starting to change and has no idea what is happening to her. Her father throws a book about the Lore to her and disappears leaving Chloe on her own and very vulnerable. When Chloe is kidnapped and put up for auction for the highest bidder, the price on her head is high as unknown to her Chloe's father has been targeting creatures of the Lore who now want a piece of Chloe in revenge.

With a little help from Nix (I loved her cameo's and sooo want her book!) Will and his brother Munro aka hot and hotter arrive at the auction and it's here Will realises Chloe is his mate which means he has to rescue her. Seeing their little blossoming love story in the first half of the book made me fall for both characters, they were so good together but being with MacRieve triggers Chloe's full change and the Lore creature she turns into means that MacRieve's hopes of happiness with his mate go straight out the window.

From nearly lovers to enemies this is where the story really takes off like a rocket. Will flips his lid, caught between his need to protect and provide for his mate he is also blinded by hatred and is a real shit to her and I mean a real shit. I loved Chloe's reaction from bewilderment and fear she pulls her football socks up and gets on with things determined to escape from his clutches she gives MacRieve as good as she gets.

I loved MacRieve's damaged kind of hero, we see how amazing he can be as the protector and how tragic his childhood was and the lasting effect it has had on him so it's almost impossible not to shed a few tears on his behalf. Both characters are feisty and stubborn and obviously a match made in heaven but it's not easy to forget 900 years of hatred despite a powerful mate bond. For me, there was just something special about MacRieve it really tugged at my heart strings and the warring couple then made me snigger with laughter. All in all I loved it.

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