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Review: Drawn Together by Lauren Dane

drawn togetherDrawn Together
The Brown Siblings #6
Lauren Dane
Publisher: Penguin Group USA
Publication date: 1st October 2013

I've loved the Brown Siblings series, it's my all time favourite contemporary erotic romance series but even I as a super fan was a little bit unsure if the slightly bitchy Raven Smith could possibly be a worthy heroine, but I really needn't of worried because Drawn Together does not disappoint, and Raven is now my favourite heroine of the series.

Best friend to Erin from the first book Laid Bare, Tattoo artist Raven also had a bit of a thing with Brody Brown years ago and broke his heart when she refused to settle down. My lasting memory of Raven prior to Drawn Together was of her being a bit of a bitch to Elise in Coming Undone when she came into Brody's life so I wasn't exactly her biggest fan. In Drawn Together we finally get to see why Raven is so blunt, prickly and defensive.

Jonah Warner is known as the kind of guy who likes what he likes, exactly how he like it. At 42 he's a successful lawyer and single father to his daughter Carrie who is finishing High School. Bossy and blunt Jonah likes to be in charge and wants Raven not only to create his newest tattoo, he wants her in his bed also.

Jonah and Raven have serious chemistry, neither of them are particularly young or na├»ve and when they recognise that they want each other they act like adults and get straight to it. Raven however, is used to being in charge and keeping her distance so when she tells Jonah afterwards that she doesn't do relationships or monogamy he tells her straight that he doesn't even share pizza and makes it very clear that if she is in his bed she commits to him fully. I loved the different dynamic between Raven and Jonah it was grown up and refreshing and just seemed so much more mature than the usual successful businessman/billionaire takes simpering virgin to his bed who nods politely to his every suggestion, that seems to be all over contemporary erotic romance right now.

As a result of her difficult upbringing Raven who has travelled extensively doesn't like feeling trapped or committing but has slowly found herself staying for longer periods in Seattle since best friend Erin had her son Alexander. It's Jonah that points out that Raven has already committed to the Brown family and he recognises and appreciates the often unseen side of Raven that once she does let you in she loves fiercely. Jonah doesn't let up in his pursuit of Raven, he likes to be dominant in bed but doesn't just want to own Raven he wants to cherish her too, which puts Raven completely off balance and sees her break all her own rules that she has built up around herself for protection. It's impossible not to fall for Jonah as he gets under Raven's skin, he recognises that her troubled past has damaged her and left her with a tonne of baggage but he sees the worth in her and is more than willing to go the distance for her.

Fans of the series will adore Drawn Together, it's got the scorching hot scenes we expect (and adore) from Lauren Dane and a brilliant I'm standing by my man scene that had me completely tearing up. I loved it, 5 out of 5.
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