Friday, 20 September 2013

Review: Making It Last by Ruthie Knox

Making It Last
Camelot #4
Ruthie Knox
Publication date: 15th July 2013

I've loved Ruthie Knox's Camelot series so it's very fitting that the final instalment allows for a final check in with the first couple in the series Amber and Tony from the amazing How to Misbehave.

What really had me up past midnight reading Making It Last was that this is not the usual glimpse at a favourite couples happy ever after. Not at all. Instead Making It Last is a much more powerful and realistic look at a busy married couple with three boisterous kids, lacking in sleep, personal space and alone time ten years later when the romance has worn off and the hum drum has set in. And do you know what? it tugged at my heartstrings.

Ten years on with her youngest in school Amber's house feels very empty and with Tony working all hours for less money to keep them afloat Amber feels lost. She's a mother first with little time for herself never mind for Tony so when he catches her crying at a family wedding he offers her the chance of an extended stay at the posh resort. No kids, hassle free.

Back home with the kids terrified their parents are getting a divorce Tony realises that Amber hasn't had a break from the kids for six years and has become more and more distant and realises that he might actually be losing her. So, despite the huge financial pressure the family is under he goes back to the resort to bring her home but  neither of them really know how they can save their marriage.

I loved that when Tony first sees his wife at the bar with a new short hair cut, dress with another man chatting to her his initial fear is that she's having an affair, jealously rears it's ugly head and kind of spurs him into action. Seeing Amber politely turn down the guy at the bar he realises his fears are unfounded and approaches Amber as Steve a stranger meeting Jennifer (Amber) for the first time in a bar. Their round about flirty conversation had me tearing up at times, and I was literally holding my breath hoping that they could both lighten their burden with a little bit of fun and freedom. Honestly, I felt like I wanted to offer to babysit their kids to allow them some alone time, bonkers I know!

I have said it before, I do love everything Ruthie Knox has written but this one was just beyond special. Real and emotional Making It Last is a must read.


  1. I agree. It's such a must read. I fell in love with Tony & Amber in HOW TO MISBEHAVE, and it was so emotional getting to see them farther down the road.

    1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one getting emotional Angiegirl!


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