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Review: Revealing Us by Lisa Renee Jones

15839322Revealing Us
Inside Out #3
Lisa Renee Jones
Publication date: 10th September 2013

In the end I was a little bit disappointed with Revealing Us the third part in Lisa Renee Jones's Inside Out series for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my expectations were pretty high, and on reflection maybe too high. If I Were You and Being Me were so out of this world fantastic with twisty little plot turns that completely took me by surprise and I mean scrape my jaw off the floor surprised, so I think I expected something a bit more earth shattering from Revealing Us. Instead, Revealing Us kind of plodded along nicely for at least a good two thirds of the story and then all the good stuff happened right at the end. By then, I'd got a little bit bored but I was determined I would see it through just in case I missed something amazing at the end.

And that is my second issue. The trilogy is no longer a trilogy so it's not the end, in fact it's not even close. Grrrrrrrr. Now there's going to be a book 4 on the trial from Sara's point of view and then book 5 will be from Mark's point of view AND there's going to be a spin off series. What the hell? Normally I'd be dancing with glee that a series I love is going to be extended but in this instance I'm kind of not. I feel like the goal posts have changed half way through the game and I don't like it. Now, I know diddly squat about publishing and book deals so I'm only assuming that it's the popularity of the series that has allowed Lisa Renee Jones to continue with the series, but to me it feels like it has been dragged out a bit. I want a conclusion. Will I check out the next 5 billion instalments? Maybe, but I won't be reshuffling my TBR pile the same way I did for Being Me.

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  1. Aw sorry to hear it didn't work for you. I kinda liked the change of pace in it and was pretty excited to hear there were gonna be more of them. Would be interesting to see how it works on the publishing end of things. Hope if you pick up the next one it totally does ya in--in a good way ;)

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