Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review: Thril Ride by Julie Ann Walker

Thrill Ride
Black Knights Inc. #4
Julie Ann Walker
Publication date: 2nd April 2013

I've loved ever book in Julie Ann Walker's rather fabulous Black Knights Inc. series, the mixture of bikers, special ops alpha males and feisty heroines has been outstandingly good so far but for some reason Thrill Ride just didn't really float my boat this time.

Don't get me wrong it packed full of action and the hero Rock is an alpha male extraordinaire and the heroine Vanessa was perfectly likeable but together I just didn't really buy into their romance. I struggled to feel the chemistry between them that has been so fantastic in the previous instalments and that's what made Thrill Ride a bit of a "meh" book for me. In saying that, I will continue with the series and give the next book a go, I'm sure this is just a tiny little bump in the Black Knights Inc. road.

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