Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Review: Tidal by Amanda Hocking

Watersong #3
Amanda Hocking
Publication date: 6th June 2013
Reviewed by Rebecca

Tidal is the third book in the Watersong series and the penultimate offering. I have previously read, reviewed and loved the first two books and was super excited to see what Tidal had to offer. Starting where we left off, Alex hates Gemma, Penn is still obsessed with Daniel and Gemma is desperately trying to find a way to rid herself of the curse before Penn finds a replacement for her.

Whilst this certainly didn't have as much action as the previous books, this novel did a lot to answer outstanding questions and impart enough information to lead brilliantly into the final novel. Gemma finds herself searching for a scroll that will apparently stop the curse if it is destroyed. Only problem is that this would kill the sirens on the spot and the other sirens don't take too kindly to that.

There was much less Harper in this book which I thought was good - Gemma finally got to take centre stage as she always should have done, being the siren of the family. Alex made brief appearances but was essentially missing from the book but this made sense after the outcome of the second book.

I still disliked Penn and Lexi but I found myself starting to like Thea - she started to seem the most 'human' of the three and was eager to keep Gemma around as she seemed to have found a kindred spirit. There are a lot of flashback scenes with Penn, Thea, Aggie and Gia which start to explain a lot of things - we all know that Lexi is a fairly new addition but what exactly happened to Aggie and Gia? I found Hocking's explanation of Penn's struggle with technology funny too - all too often, authors have their characters able to use technology straight away, forgetting that they are immortal and have seen every progression for years. It seems much more plausible that someone like Penn would find technology difficult to master - after all, it changes so quickly and she has seen a LOT of changes.

I roughly guessed the ending although I didn't guess the circumstances - the final few paragraphs really keep the suspense going until the next book and I can't wait to pick it up... I NEED to know what happens - will everyone get a happy ending? 5 out of 5.

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  1. So, whenever I saw this book, I went past it looking as it, adoring it.. and when I finally couldn't finally resist myself, I bought the book.
    It is simply amazing!
    It's also a bit different - Away from the wizards/witch, vampire and demigod characters, here come Sirens - you know the one cursed by Demeter! Yeah, those!
    It's a totally gripping novel, just like the Sirens, this book had some spell done on me; I couldn't put it down.


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