Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Review: Unbreakable by Stephanie Tyler

Section 8 #2
Stephanie Tyler
Publisher: Signet
Publication date: 5th November 2013

I can't stop reading books with badass commando's and secret ops heroes right now so when I saw Unbreakable by Stephanie Tyler the second book in her Section 8 series I knew I had to give it a go.

I would recommend that you read the first book Surrender (Dare's book) to fully get to grips with the background of Section 8 and who all the characters are because it can get a little complicated at times, they all seem to be connected in one way or another!

Unbreakable is Gunner and Avery's story, she's the heart of Section 8 that pulls them all together and Gunner is her flawed and tortured hero. After the events of Surrender Gunner's "boss" pulls him back into his old life again forcing Gunner to make the greatest sacrifice of all, to leave the woman he loves to protect her. Avery however, is determined to save him, working with her brother Jem to break him and bring back the real Gunner. Whilst Jem's tactics to break Gunner are very badass commando-ish it's Avery's sweetness and passion that really bring Gunner back into the fold again, Gunner's "boss" however isn't willing to let his best mercenary go without a fight.

Overall, the romance side takes a bit of a back seat in Unbreakable instead it's non stop action and suspense which is a shame as I really liked Avery and Gunner together and would have liked them to have a bit more "alone time". Avery in particular really struck a cord with me especially with what happens to her, I was absolutely glued to the pages and could literally feel Gunner's anguish and feelings of frustration and helplessness. Without giving too much away the bad guy is a really twisted bad guy making Gunner even more of a hero in my eyes.

Unbreakable also sets up nicely for Jem's book, his heroine's story has me really intrigued, I'll definitely be checking out the next instalment now. If you like fast paced action packed romantic suspense then give this series a go.  

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