Thursday, 28 November 2013

Review: Unexpectedly Yours by Jeannie Moon

18368949Unexpectedly Yours
Jeannie Moon
Publisher: Intermix
Publication date: 19th November 2013

Caroline Rossi has had a crush on Josh Campbell forever, her family grew up on the Campbell estate and her sister Meg is now married to Josh's brother Jason making them sort of family but Josh still only barely acknowledges her existence. So when Josh steps in and rescues Caroline at a bar one Friday night from her slightly creepy boss Mark, Caroline didn't think for one minute that she would end the night slightly tipsy in Josh's bed.

After a night of passion with Josh, Caroline is no longer a 27 year old virgin and Josh who has always seen sex as just being sex, panics when he realises that Caroline was indeed a virgin. Josh really doesn't want to be anyone's first he's used to dating glamorous but vacant women but something about Caroline's sweet personality and intelligence really appeals to him. The next day Caroline gets a little bolder and proposes a friends with benefits arrangement to Josh in which she will help him with the site assessments he needs for his latest project if he teaches her about sex.

I quite enjoyed Caroline and Josh's little friends with benefits romance, despite being a smart cookie geotechnical engineer Caroline has led a quite sheltered life and is pretty much told what to do by her slightly overbearing sister and mother. With no time to date in college Caroline always assumed she would find a boyfriend once she graduated and started working but just hadn't found the right guy yet. I found Caroline to be quite sweet, although maybe a little too sweet at times for me. Understandably lacking in self confidence, Caroline has always seen herself as being the smart sister and has lived pretty much in the shadow of her prettier and more confident sister Meg. Personally, although I couldn't wait for Caroline to finally stand up to her controlling and interfering mother and sister, I found it quite hard to believe that a woman who is obviously incredibly intelligent, could have put up with still getting treated like a child at the age of 27.

Caroline and Josh's relationship isn't obviously as straightforward as they would like it to be with their shared history and family connections but I still ended up rooting for them both especially when Josh sticks up for Caroline and gives her mother and sister what for after they've dismissed her  lifelong dream of being a romance author as being a "little hobby". Overall I did enjoy Unexpectedly Yours it's a sweet little contemporary romance and worth a read.

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