Friday, 13 December 2013

Mini reviews: Axel and Cage by Harper Sloan

Corps Security #1
Harper Sloan
Publication date: 8th July 2013

If you love Kristen Ashley's books especially her addictive Rock Chick series then you will love Harper Sloan's Corps Security series it's equally unputdownable.

Isabelle West and Holt Axel Reid (cool name or what?) were high school sweethearts but when Axel left to join the Marines seventeen year old Izzy is left home alone when tragedy strikes. As Izzy tries to put her life back together with the help of best pal Dee Izzy meets and falls in love with Brandon and discovers his true violent nature after they marry.

Six years later again with the help of Dee Izzy escapes and the ladies set up in a new town and befriend the very lovable and protective Greg Cage. When creepy Brandon starts terrorising Izzy again Cage calls in some favours from his badass pals one of which happens to be Axel, the same Axel from Izzy's past.

Axel has everything I love- protective alpha males, former badass marines, long lost love, drama by the bucket load and a gripping if slightly OTT storyline.

Corps Security #2
Harper Sloan
Publication date: 9th September 2013

Cage is the mucho alpha best friend and protector of Izzy before Axel arrived back on the scene, now that Izzy has Axel its obvious that this tough guy deserves his own HEA.

Cage's story is pretty heart-breaking, he failed to save his sister from her violent partner and has been hell-bent on getting his revenge ever since, Cage is now determined that no female on his watch should ever be hurt. Melissa also lost her sister to a violent partner so has that in common with Cage but what she doesn't know is it was the same violent partner and when Cage realises this, that he didn't act in time to save Melissa sister from s similar fate he is devastated and feels guilty. Melissa and Cage connect 100% and both realise early on it's the real deal but the truth about Melissa's sister's killer hangs very much over their relationship.

After devouring Axel I knew there would be heartache and drama from Cage and I wasn't disappointed with some pretty heart-breaking and intense scenes I enjoyed Cage ever more than Axel I think I might be a little bit addicted to this series now, can't wait for the next book Beck

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